Monza-Milan: dove vedere la partita?

Udinese-Cagliari: where to watch the match?

On Sunday, Serie A always offers a lot of emotions. Let’s find out where to watch Udinese-Cagliari

I TV rights they have become an integral part of the new idea of ​​football, always in constant change. The new technologies certainly represent an advantage for the clubs, given that Serie A finds itself divided between Sky and DAZN, which however holds full exclusivity. The problem arises in particular for fans and users, forced to search for numerous news items to complete the information picture. Therefore this article has a clear purpose: to explain where to watch Udinese-Cagliari and who will take the field.

The day 25 will lead to a direct clash in which any mistakes will weigh. The Friulians and Sardinians need points to breathe a little and move away from the hot zone.

Udinese-Cagliari: where to watch the match?

Where to watch Udinese-Cagliari: will it be possible to watch the match on Sky? The answer is no!

In 15th place with 22 points, Udinese comes from an unexpected success against Juventus and, motivated by these 3 points, does not want to slow down its run. Cagliari, for its part, is second to last at 18 and comes from 4 knockouts in a row. A situation that is not rosy at all, which is putting Ranieri’s boys to the test. Let’s find out where we can watch Udinese-Cagliari, whether on Sky or DAZN.

The second company mentioned, recently founded in London, immediately carved out an important space for itself in the world of football. In fact, at present only DAZN offers the entire Serie A calendar. The service is further enriched with Serie B challenges and UFC and PFC matches. The monthly subscription gives you the opportunity to view two options: the standard package at the cost of 30,99 € and the plus a package 45,99 €, which allows the application to be used from two devices simultaneously. Just click on direct link which takes you back to the official website.

Focusing on Sky, you notice a completely different service. The package allows the viewing of three Serie A matches per day, but expands the offer with women’s football matches and matches of foreign clubs. Added to these are European commitments, namely the Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Conference League. The programming is enhanced with the addition of other sports, respectively Tennis, NBA, Formula 1 and MOTOGP. The subscription costs €14.99 per monthreferring to link which recalls NOWTV.

Once the platform case has been closed, here we are with the long-awaited answer: Udinese-Cagliari will be broadcast exclusively on DAZN. We take to the field today, Sunday 18 February, at 3.00 pm, the venue of the match is the Bluenergy Stadium in Udine. We remember to provide yourself with a VPN to surf the internet in complete safety.

Udinese-Cagliari, probable lineups

UDINESE (3-5-2): Okoye; Perez, Giannetti, Kristensen; Ebosele, Samardzic, Walace, Lovric, Kamara; Thauvin, Lucca.

CAGLIARI (4-3-2-1): Scuffet; Zappa, Dossena, Me, Augello; Nandez, Makoumbou, Gaetano; Viola, The Sea; Lapadula.

Will one of the two manage to win or will balance reign? Give us your opinion. Continue to follow to stay updated on news from the social and web world.

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