UFC 4: Prime Icons, l'aggiornamento delle leggende thumbnail

UFC 4: Prime Icons, the update of the legends

UFC 4: Prime Icons, the update of the legends thumbnail

EA SPORTS has revealed the latest combat card for UFC 4 with the PRIME ICONS update, available on November 4th. Different from Legend Fighters, PRIME ICONS brings 4 playable versions of fan favorite fighters to UFC, ahead of UFC 268 this weekend.

UFC 4: Prime Icons, the game trailer

Just under a minute of video to load and then “explode” the enthusiasm of the players….

From the newly inducted into the Hall of Fame, Georges St-Pierre, and the reigning middleweight champion, Anderson Silva, to the great Michael Bisping and the new living icon, Khabib Nurmagomedov, The EA SPORTS UFC PRIME ICONS update celebrates six iconic fighters at the height of their careers by making them available in the game at their best. By popular demand, Islam Makhachev is also making his UFC 4 debut as part of the update.

Along with the six PRIME ICONS comes a free, limited-time pack that includes a customization of the Khabib PRIME ICONS themed profile with new backgrounds, profile pictures, styles and various shorts sets. This pack can be redeemed until Thursday 30th November this year.

All that remains is to play to unlock all the legends of the octagon and then feel like a protagonist with those who made the history of this sport. The real fights begin now.

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