Super Mario: The Plumber’s 3D Destiny

The adventures of the good Super Mario, including those in 3D, have always been a must for gamers, but what will be the next move? First of all, its creator, the Nintendo veteran, Shigeru Miyamoto, thinks about the answer

Shigeru Miyamoto’s name will forever remain linked to Super Mario adventures, especially for the passage from two dimensions al 3D, but let’s not forget that he is also the same mastermind behind immortal icons of the video game, including retrogaming of course, such as The Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong. Let us therefore let the “father” himself speak about the future of his “creature” par excellence.

Shigeru Miyamoto: the 3D future of Super Mario

In a recent interview, the veteran of the Big N, therefore, clarified that, although some time has passed since the publication of Odyssey and yet another fight against Bowser and his fury, the Kyoto house intends to embark on new paths.

When we develop software, we strive to incorporate new elements, but at the same time we want to make it easy even for novice players. Recently, people of all generations have enjoyed a 3D game like Odyssey, so for the Mario 3D of the future, we want to try to expand further in new ways.

Super Mario: The Plumber's 3D Destiny

It also seems that the rumors regarding a new title in three dimensions for the legendary Donkey Kong, always from the team that worked on Odyssey in 2017, are murmuring that the game is in today development phase. So, what about, let’s expect some news!

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