Ugly problems for the official Pixel 6 case

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You want to buy the official case of the Google Pixel 6? Perhaps you would do well to wait a little longer, especially considering the numerous reports from users who are appearing on the Net. Someone complains rapid yellowing e a deformation of the cover, while others say it doesn’t fit the smartphone at all. In short, to see it from the point of view of the users, the cover would not seem to be an optimal purchase.

Pixel 6: the official case shows quite a few problems reported by users

Over the past few days, Pixel 6 owners have been using sites like Reddit and Amazon to share their complaints about the quality of the official smartphone cover. As anticipated, someone said the case yellowed in record time, and someone else complained that it deforms quickly. While some users have publicly admitted that the custody it does not fit on the phone at all.

And even Hamish Hector, TechRadar editor, had a bad experience with the Pixel 6 case. “When I bought my Pixel 6 I also ordered the official case and have both since the phone launched in late October last year – Hector said -. I have the black case and can’t tell if it’s turning yellow or collecting dirt, but it’s definitely starting to warp where the power and volume buttons are. It’s nothing too important right now, but definitely disappointing especially since it comes from the same people who make the phone. “

In short, a somewhat disappointing experience, like that of many other users. Especially considering that Google has launched the cover at a not exactly cheap price: 30 dollars for a case that begins to show problems right away, or almost. At the moment, however, Google does not seem to have commented on the matter. But we expect it to. Indeed, we even hope that it will be able to release an improved cover on the market for all owners of the Pixel 6.

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