UGREEN Review Laptop Support: simple and effective

In this review we will talk about the UGREEN laptop stand, a really comfortable accessory for those who use the PC every day for work or study, with an eye also for our health. A great buy for the back to office and back to school!

By now, like it or not, we all spend several hours attached to a laptop screen. Who to work, who to study. With smart working and distance learning using a PC has almost become a necessity. Many will therefore have realized that portable PCs, although increasingly powerful and functional, tend to be deleterious to health. In fact, they force you to turn your face downwards, straining the muscles and cervical joints more with deleterious effects at the end of the day. Plus, typing with a perfectly vertical keyboard can be tiring. Correct posture with straight shoulders resting on the backrest and looking in line with the screen without the need to recline your gaze are essential for our well-being. That’s why we tell you about the laptop stand by UGREEN.

UGREEN Review Laptop Support: simple and effective

UGREEN Review Laptop Stand: design and materials

Let’s start with the basics, that is the materials. Support is made of aluminum with a semi-gloss finish which gives so much elegance to the product. To support the laptop we find gray rubber inserts, in tune with the rest. The UGREEN laptop stand consists of two ski-shaped poles, with the tip folded up to support the laptop. The eraser will ensure that the device is not damaged supported and also the high coefficient of friction will make the PC stand firmly attached to the stand. Two other cross bars fold like scissors to join the two upper pieces and allow the accessory to be folded. When folded, the UGREEN stand takes up very little space and is very light. The comfortable and elegant fabric case that we find in the package makes it almost pleasant to carry this very useful gadget that will allow you to transform any table into a comfortable workstation. Even 15.6-inch laptops weighing about 2 kilos can be used without problems.

UGREEN Review Laptop Support: simple and effective

UGREEN Review Laptop Stand: a shot of ergonomics!

Using the laptop on this stand is actually more comfortable. For some time some manufacturers have designed the so-called “lift-keyboard” or keyboards that rise slightly when opening the laptop. This makes writing less tiring. But not only. When the screen is lower than the line of sight, we are forced to bow our head downwards and this places stress on the spine and cervical muscles. With the UGREEN laptop stand on the other hand you can raise the laptop screen for greater ergonomics: your neck will thank you!

UGREEN Review Laptop Support: simple and effective

Wellness also for the PC

Our body won’t be the only one to benefit from this UGREEN laptop stand. Indeed a deeply felt problem with many ultrabooks is in fact the temperature. In fact, in order to reduce the dimensions, an adequate ventilation system is very often given up, which forces manufacturers to operate the components at higher temperatures, reducing their life and performance. However, we noticed that by slightly lifting the PC, the air recirculation allows you to recover a few degrees. We verified this by measuring temperatures and frequencies in a stress test which consisted of running Cinebench R20 Multicore for about 10 minutes.

As you can see the stand allows you to recover about 5 degrees, keeping temperatures more stable, especially in the final part of the test. On the other hand, we did not see an obvious difference on the frequencies, however it can be seen that without using the stand during the final part of the test we have much more swing down, a sign that the CPU is having more difficulty managing temperatures. We can therefore say that there is a small advantage, especially when it comes to long work sessions under stress.

UGREEN Laptop Support Review: conclusions

With a price of around 20 euros you can buy this laptop stand. It is about a simple product with an elegant design that looks good even in an elegant office. The materials are not of the highest quality, but overall we have a sturdy object. Surely we will have many advantages in terms of ergonomics and even our laptop will thank us because it will be able to breathe better. Purchase recommended especially for those who own an ultrabook, therefore a light and compact PC with an underdeveloped ventilation system, which must be used daily for many hours. An excellent remedy for our health and that of the PC!

Points in favor

  • Improve ergonomics
  • Elegant and easy to carry
  • Improve thermal dissipation

Points against

  • A little cheap materials and construction
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