UK sales figures: results for video games up to 31/10/21

The newcomers have fifa of FIFA: the week of Halloween in the sales figures for video games is in the name of reconfirmations

Sorry if we repeated the same pun from last week, but if nothing else i sales data for the last of October in the market of video games they remind us of a peculiarity of the weekly census. At the beginning of each week (usually on Monday, but this time we took a break for All Saints’ Day) we report the data of the previous one, and that is why in our last meeting we resorted to some “scary” puns. ‘premature. We also remind you that the data of the British institution GfK, disclosed by, concern the physical market only. The digital data arrives later.

“What balls …”

To win the gold medal in the weekly top ten of our sales figures is FIFA 22, topping the best-selling video games for the fifth week in a row. The first ailments of a first place maintained for over a month are definitely starting to be felt. However, the 11% decrease compared to the previous week was not enough to make the Electronic Arts football simulator lose its crown. Which is in itself an impressive result, when we consider that this week we saw not one, but two contenders left to fight over the coveted crown of best-selling title.

UK sales figures: results for video games up to 31/10/21

Star-Lord, the number two in the galaxy – Sales figures for video games

There is probably no need to explain which of the video games is the runner-up in the sales figures, with such a subtitle. It was the closest to the FIFA 22 crown Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy, Square-Enix’s second title based on a House of Ideas IP after The Avengers. Compared to the latter, sales proved 58% lower for the newcomer. Being a more reduced title, Guardians of The Galaxy does not have the same claims in terms of sales. 63% of sales were on PS5, 19% on PS4 and 18% on Xbox. In the absence of digital data, the Nintendo Switch version is not included in the data.

UK sales figures: results for video games up to 31/10/21

Deck the Hall – Video Game Sales Figures

The bronze is all for the return in style (which we are reviewing) of the party saga of the Great N. Although the series does not boast the same front page titles reserved for other IPs of Nintendo, its latest exponent Mario Party Superstars it will know how to regain ground over time. The previous chapter, Super Mario Party, is a regular presence in the British top ten for Nintendo Switch. Here, too, we are dealing with a decrease compared to the predecessor, in this case of 6%, but remember again that part of the reason is a side effect of the gradual transition to digital.

UK sales figures: results for video games up to 31/10/21

La balada triste de Ubisoft and other stories – Sales figures for video games

Due to these excellent debuts, Far Cry 6 Ubisoft finds itself in fourth place after a 23% tumble in sales. Also from the French publisher we also have the sports title Riders Republic, another new face that ranks in eighth place. 52% of sales were recorded on PS5, with 28% following on Xbox (remember that Xbox consoles data rarely make a difference between One and Series X / S) and 20% on PS4. The horror title dating back two weeks ago, The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes, swoops from sixth to twenty-first place with a 52% drop in sales.

UK sales figures: results for video games up to 31/10/21

Round-up of remaining positions – Sales figures for video games

Before moving on to the rest of the sales figures, let’s see the video games in the top ten not covered by As such, the latter do not show weekly increase and / or decrease percentages. It drops from third to fifth place Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and likewise loses two positions too Animal Crossing: New Horizons (now sixth). Similarly, the Switch version of the Minecraft drops from fifth to seventh place. It goes up one position Grand Theft Auto V passing to ninth, and finally from eighth Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury drops to tenth place.

UK sales figures: results for video games up to 31/10/21

Loops of Death – Sales figures for video games

The sales race, as we know, is not all top ten and to prove it this week (that is, the one that has just ended, we always remember it) is F1 2022. Captivating the same attention reserved for real races, the driving simulator is placed in a more than decent twelfth place. After coming out of the top 40 (and therefore from the weekly GfK census), Deathloop returns to appear among the forty most successful games in the UK. The discounts in the territory that we have elected as a litmus test, in fact, have returned the game to its thirty-fifth position.

UK sales figures: results for video games up to 31/10/21

The Irony of Being Dread – Video Game Sales Figures

Cruel irony has it that right in the Halloween period to lose ground was none other than a Nintendo game (not that this means anything) that terror has it in the name. Anyway, Metroid Dread slips out of the top ten landing in fifteenth position after a 34% drop. Not all evil comes to harm, however: even without digital data, in fact, the new chapter of the saga is about to steal from Metroid: Other M the crown of the sixth best-selling Metroid ever. Already being the most successful chapter in the UK, it’s not bad as a result.

UK sales figures: results for video games up to 31/10/21

Concluding records

Since we have already explained the difference between “last episode” and “last week” in our incipit, we just have to summarize the sales figures for video games in our usual table. If you don’t know the key, know that the positions for this week (just ended) are at the center. In the left column, however, you will find the positions mentioned in the previous episode (two weeks ago). Enjoy the reading!

Placements from two weeks ago Top ten positions for the week just ended Title concerned
1 1 FIFA 22
New arrival 2 Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy
New arrival 3 Mario Party Superstars
2 4 Far Cry 6
3 5 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
4 6 Animal Crossing: New Horizons
5 7 Minecraft (Nintendo Switch version)
New arrival 8 Riders Republic
10 9 Grand Theft Auto V
8 10 Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury

Now it’s up to you to tell us yours: what do you think of these results? Let us know below, and as always don’t forget to stay on for all the most important news for gamers and more. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Instant Gaming.