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Hacker attack against the ASL Roma 3

Recently the ASL Roma 3 suffered a cyber attack which completely knocked out the site and the internal network from Saturday 30 October 2021. After the first two attacks, which took place in July and mid-September, the Lazio health sites show themselves again vulnerable to cybercrime. Here are all the details.

ASL Roma 3 victim of a cyber attack

In July and mid-September i main health sites in Lazio have been victims of hacker attacks. The first to suffer the attack was the site of the Lazio Region, then followed bySan Giovanni hospital. Now it was the turn of the ASL Roma 3 site.

This is a serious and important attack, particularly when you consider that the healthcare company covers a very vast territory, which includes 600 thousand citizens and 46 health centers.

Due to the hacker attack, the site is completely offline from Saturday 30 October 2021. But this is not all: in addition to not being able to connect to the external network, even the connections with the internal network I’m completely out of order. The health company, after warning its employees, revealed that it was definitely a cyber attack.

In the communication of October 30, we read:

“Due to a cyber attack on our company, all internet connections had to be closed. We are taking steps to secure our IT system, communications will follow ”.

This cyber attack caused further problems. Yesterday, the employees of theGrassi hospital they were forced to use their personal cell phones to communicate with patients, sending reports, medical records and much more.

Employees revealed they have completed the patient forms on the computer in offline mode, they later photographed them with their smartphones and then sent them with their personal emails. At the moment the ASL Roma 3 website has not revealed further details regarding the cyber attack so we just have to wait and observe how the issue will develop.

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