Ucraina: ecco gli NFT che raccontano l'invasione russa thumbnail

Ukraine: here are the NFTs that tell the Russian invasion

Ukraine: here are the NFTs that tell the Russian invasion thumbnail

The Ukrainian government will throw some NFT which will mark the history of the Russian invasion via digital art, attempting to finance the nation’s military efforts via digital assets. The country’s Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation Alex Bornyakov said the NFT collection will be a Russian-Ukrainian war museum told to the world through NFT.

Ukraine: here are the NFTs that tell the war

For the uninitiated, NFTs confer ownership of a unique digital object: the cases of virtual works of art that are proving to be particularly popular are now different, even if this object can be easily copied. Bornyakov said that each token it would contain a work of art representing a story about the ongoing war, to ensure that it is not forgotten.

Bornyakov said that the money obtained through this initiative will be used to buy military equipment and to finance media activities: “We will not use this fund to buy weapons, at this point. We will purchase night vision goggles, optics, helmets, bulletproof vests “.

The politician also added that the “Digital diplomacy” Ukraine has brought results, with social media platforms systematically tracking Russian state media content such as Russia Today and Sputnik. “We have convinced social media platforms and international companies to block Russia, abandon Russia or completely change their information policy”, as we have seen in recent days.

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