Il nuovo trailer di Forspoken ci presenta una bellissima e pericolosissima terra thumbnail

Forspoken: Here is the Opposite Worlds trailer

The new Forspoken trailer presents us with a beautiful and very dangerous land thumbnail

The new Forspoken trailer arrives in which we see Frey discovering a breathtaking open-world that hides many pitfalls.

Opposite Worlds: Let’s take a look at the new Forspoken trailer

All that glitters is not gold, and a fantastic land is only such if you don’t notice the creatures that populate it. Who knows if Frey Holland, the heroic protagonist of Forspoken, got lost in these thoughts as she traversed the vast landscapes of Athia. The new game world was presented just recently by Square Enix and Luminous Productions, in a trailer called Opposite Worlds. A video that shows us the beauty (and the danger) of the open-world settings of the title due out in October on PlayStation 5 and PC.

“Everything is beautiful in these parts” already, but “everything is ready to kill you here”. Thus opens the trailer that shows us an extremely determined Frey to enter the world of Athia. Her purpose is obviously to save the villagers, and to do so she will have to use all of her magical abilities. Powers like “Storm Lightning” and her various abilities will be indispensable to defeat the terrifying and corrupt creatures that populate Athia.

Designed for PS5, Forspoken will make the most of the power of the new console starting from 11 October 2022. The title will also be available for PC (on STEAM, Epic Games Store or Microsoft Store). The pre-order is already available.

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