Ukraine: Sengi Games is still developing its game

Ucraina: Sengi Games continua lo sviluppo nonostante l'invasione thumbnail

The development studio based in Ukraine Sengi Games announced today that the next title The Serpent Rogue will be launched on April 26 as expected, despite the ongoing crisis in the country. The studio has not been intimidated by the Russian invasion and is continuing to work hard on the video game, to be able to complete it in time for launch.

Ukraine: Sengi Games continues development despite the war

In a statement published also on Twitterthe developer stated:

“Although the situation we find ourselves in is difficult and unprecedented, we have decided to stick to the original plan and launch our game, The Serpent Rogue, April 26th as promised! The game is coming on time and it’s the most ambitious thing we’ve ever accomplished, stay tuned! “

Sengi Games is an independent video game studio based in Ukraine. Founded in 2018 and led with the aim of offering a unique experience with the videogame projects they produce, the hosue software has invited all gamers to try The Serpent Rogu, the new game currently in development at the studio and which should be released. in April.