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Diplomacy is Not an Option preview: hold out until the end

In this preview we will tell you about Diplomacy is Not an Option, an RTS in which you have to defend your castle from waves of enemies

Diplomacy is Not an Option è un RTS in early access under development by the small independent software house Door 407. In this title you will play the role of a feudal lord bored that, after several years of peace, he finally finds himself in the middle of a siege. To survive enemy attacks you will have to build defenses and arm an army, but of course you will also have to administer your village and take into account the needs of citizens.

Being able to stand out in the middle of the sea of ​​real-time strategy games available on Steam is not easy at all, especially for an early access title. Will the first Door 407 game manage to stand out from the crowd? Find out with us with this one anteprima di Diplomacy is Not an Option.

Resist at any cost

Whether you play a level of the main campaign or a simple one custom matchyour goal will always be the same: resist waves and waves of enemies. In fact, your little castle will be constantly targeted by enemy attacks and you will not be able to win until you have rejected them all.

Fortunately for you the enemies will not attack you all the time without stopping, but they will wait specific days to do this. This will give you enough time to build your defenses and organize an army capable of withstanding the offensive. The game will also allow you to know in advance both the exact moment of the attack and the direction from which the attackers will arrive. Having all this useful information right from the start has made us very happy, as it allows players to plan their moves in the best possible way. For example, if a large wave of enemies is coming from the north, you can focus all your defenses in that direction and even attack preventively to thin out the horde.

In fact, although in Diplomacy is Not an Option the enemy waves are generated only on the day of the attack, around your castle there will be numerous camps full of enemies. These locations usually pose no direct threat to your fiefdom, but all enemies within them will join the main horde at the moment of the siege. For this reason, by knowing in advance the direction from which a horde will arrive, you will have the possibility to simplify the battle by destroying the camps in advance.

Diplomacy is Not an Option preview: hold out until the end

People First – Preview Diplomacy is Not an Option

Defending yourself is obviously your priority, but if you don’t, you will needs of your village you will have very little to defend. In fact, Diplomacy is Not an Option is also present a strong management component. At the start of each game you will have resources initials e several citizens that you can use in various ways. For example, some of them may be assigned to the construction of new buildings, while others will have to work within structures for generate materials such as wood, stone and so on. Furthermore, citizens will also be fundamental for form the army and consequently you will always need to have a large number of them.

Fortunately, if you have enough houses to house them, citizens will increase daily, but unfortunately this will not always be good. Having many citizens available will allow you to have a large army and build quickly, but it will also cost you a lot of food every day. It is possible to obtain food through various facilities but, especially in the early stages of a game, it will not be easy to obtain them in large quantities. Furthermore, you will not have infinite space for resources and to support a large number of inhabitants you will be forced to consuming materials to build numerous warehouses.

Due to all of these factors, having a very large population too early you may end up consuming more resources than you can accumulate. Also, in case you fail to accumulate enough food each day, your citizens may start to starve. In this case the production of resources will slow down further and, as if that were not enough, decaying corpses could lead to an epidemic which would lead to further deaths in the village.

Diplomacy is Not an Option preview: hold out until the end

United for the Fatherland – Preview Diplomacy is Not an Option

In Diplomacy is Not an Option la army management it is quite classic. Through different structures you will have the possibility to convert citizens and materials into many different troops. For example, you can create simple archers, armored swordsmen or even complex siege machines such as catapults. Once your troops are ready, you can simply move them around the map and use them to attack enemies. Also wanting is also possible give them various orders, such as to get in formation, attack the strongest enemies first or patrol an area, but unfortunately they are all extremely basic functions.

Given the large tactical limitations of the army, to make the most of your soldiers you will have to use them well defensive structures. By building mura you can keep enemies at bay and protect your citizens, but with torri instead you can also get direct advantages in the clashes. By placing ranged units in these fortified structures you can indeed attack safely enemies while also gaining a range bonus.

In the world of Diplomacy is Not an Option, however, to win battles you will not have to rely only on your soldiers, but also on Magic. Using specials crystals obtainable in different ways it is in fact possible to throw different spells capable of turning the tide of a battle. For example, you can summon soldiers out of thin air, heal your units or shoot very powerful energy beams from the sky. At the start of a game you will only have a very basic spell available but, by building the right structures, you can greatly expand your repertoire.

Diplomacy is Not an Option preview: hold out until the end

Simple and effective – Preview Diplomacy is Not an Option

From a technical point of view there is not much to say about Diplomacy is Not an Option. The title is light enough and for this reason you will not experience severe drops in FPS even when there are a lot of elements on the screen. Also the title features a large number of options that will allow you to play it smoothly even on PCs that are not too performing. Plus, considering that the game is still in early access, we were very happy with the fact of we hardly ran into any kind of bugs or glitches.

As for the artistic side, the title is based on a very minimal but also very effective cartoon style. In fact, thanks to its bright colors and poorly detailed shapes, Diplomacy is Not an Option turns out to be really very nice in its simplicity.

Diplomacy is Not an Option preview: hold out until the end


Now the point of our preview has finally arrived in which we sum up Diplomacy is Not an Option. The gameplay behind the game is very funny and is supported by delle not too much complex mechanics management really well done. The only weak point in the game is perhaps there fighting management a little too simple but, considering that the title is still in early access, there is always the possibility that it will become more articulated over time. In short, at present Diplomacy is Not an Option it is already a very good RTS able to entertain both fans of the genre and newbies, e we hope that with the passage of time it will continue to be enriched with new contents and to improve more and more.

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