Ultenic AC1 review: two-in-one cordless vacuum cleaner!

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Ultenic AC1 review: two-in-one cordless vacuum cleaner, with a great quality / price ratio and performance

Greetings to all readers of TechGameWorld.comtoday we will tell you about a fantastic product that we have in our hands for a few weeks, which we mentioned days ago in this preview article, where you can also find a video of its operation. Finally, the time has come to talk about it by going to deepen all the main peculiarities of this product in detail. This is the wireless vacuum cleaner from Ultenic, the AC1 model, which we will see shortly in this review.

Ultenic AC1 is the brand’s newest generation of cordless vacuum cleanerswhich sets itself an important goal, to have ease of use, and high versatility with its being Two in One. In fact, this model is able to wash floors, and at the same time act as a vacuum cleaner, so dust and liquids will no longer be a problem.

We liked this product very much, and we have tested it in all its facets. We will first proceed with a build quality analysis and materials used, observing the structural aspect, then we will observe how it worksand we will finally move on tosuction / cleaning quality analysis. Complete with cleaning test and related conclusions.

You will find a chapter dedicated to each topic covered, made the necessary promises, it’s time to get to the heart with the review of Ultenic AC1.

Design and build quality analysis | Ultenic AC1 review

1.10 meters high, 28 cm wide (including the base), 25 cm deep, for a total weight of 5 kilos. There is a inclination angle of 140 ° which involves a lowering of the maximum height to 50cm (from the ground).

The new Ultenic AC1 is well crafted, it is above all solid and very robust. It should be noted that its construction is designed so that it is very easy to access filters and containers. In fact, we also have a fairly intuitive system to disassemble the dedicated parts, you can interact with everything that is orange, as they are spring buttons that allow the release of the interested part.

Ultenic AC1 review: two-in-one cordless vacuum cleaner!

The vacuum cleaner is made of plastic, and is of excellent workmanship, the individual parts are very resistant. In fact, during use it does not emit abnormal creaks. The quick release system of the parts is effective, works correctly, and has never given us any problems. This is thanks to the springs inserted in the release systems which are very strong and allow excellent pressure and feedback. Let’s start now from the handle to finish with the roller.

The handle, which arrives disassembled in the package, has been designed not only for the convenience of removable transportbut it has a considerable advantage, in some products of other brands with integrated handle or body integrated with the interaction keys, a circuit failure could occur, having to subsequently replace the entire motherboard with very high costs, in this way it would be necessary replace with less cost, only the single piece.

The handle is inserted with the connection pins you only need to insert it with force until you hear the “clack”.

To extract it, just use something pointed, even a screwdriver is enough, in the appropriate hole indicated, to release the internal spring and extract it. The handle is ergonomic and comfortable, there are 3 keys, from which we will interact to activate all the various functionswhich we will see shortly in the dedicated chapter of our review.

If we go down below we can divide the Ultenic AC1 vacuum cleaner into two parts, the front and the back. At the front we find the engraved logo of the company, and a container of 1 liter, obviously it can be extracted, and then it can be washed easily.

This container is suitable for the collection of dust and liquids. And inside it features a very high quality HEPA standard filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air filter). This container is highly studied and optimized to work in the best way without dispersion of collected powders and liquids in the circulation. This filter container consists of 2 pieces. As soon as it is extracted from the release button we can see the filter in the upper part, which is housed in its container, in turn covered by a gasket.

Obviously you can open the container, which we can also call “Cage”. This allows access to the filter, removing the dirt collected during cleaning, e it is also necessary to replace the filter itself with a new one when it can no longer be functional, present in the equipment. But now, let’s continue the review with the analysis of this Ultenic AC1.

Ultenic AC1 review: two-in-one cordless vacuum cleaner!

Extra replacement filter

Continuing the container has two pieces as mentioned, which fit together, its function is to collect powders and liquids, without dispersing them. Furthermore, this system allows an efficient recirculation of the dirty liquid. Since there is an internal tube that expels the dirt, the foam of any products will be emitted in this container instead.

Let’s move to the back instead. Where we start from the part just below the handle, the area where the handle arm is housed. In this area we have a hole already explained above (which is used for the extraction and locking of the handle), just below a button related to language and sound settings (which we will see shortly in the dedicated chapter of our review), even further below we see the battery, which can be extracted via two side pressure buttons.

Ultenic AC1 review: two-in-one cordless vacuum cleaner!

The battery might seem small, it actually is a little bit, but it was a necessary choice, if they had inserted an Extra-Large battery, the general design would have had to be restructured, making it heavier and even higher, with the related problems, less handling, greater weight and difficulty in handling.

Below we then have the compartment for clean water, where you will also add any specific cleaning products. The compartment has a size of 1 literthere is a cap efficient enough to hermetically block the liquid.

Water is poured from this vessel, then there is in the final part of the container, a small perforated plate, where a small pump is insertedwith the function of emitting air inside the expulsion tubes, and the result is similar to a “hot tub” to be clear, this system allows you to mix the liquids inserted with the water present, creating a liquid well mixed and ready to use.

But it is not only for this, this system also allows to obtain a more filtered and sterile liquid, thanks to the integrated “sterilization” system for certain cleaning methods.

Instead, let’s end up talking about the part dedicated to actual cleaning, that is the base. There are two large wheels, covered with a very strong and resistant rubber layer. The system the body consists of a fairly wide plate, on the top there are two release buttons to remove the top coverin this way we access the brush, and the integrated system which is composed of the brush self-cleaning block and the motor that turns the latter.

To remove the brush there is a safety lock placed on the sidealways pressing the two ends is extracted, and then you can access the brush.

The charging base is smart!

The charging base allows you to store the vacuum cleaner safely. And there are also different areas to insert each single component that is present in the package. Such as the special cleaning brush, the second replacement roller, the battery charger, the housing for a second battery. The base must always remain connected to the current, as it is the fixed housing of the vacuum cleaner, and secondly every time we go back it will load automatically.

Smart because, as I will explain later, it has integrated fans and UV lamps for sterilization. But now, talking about the base, let’s continue with the review of this Ultenic AC1.

Focus sul Display

I am now inserting a slide taken from the manual, where all the icons and their meanings are present. The display is clearly visible in sunlight, thanks to its excellent brightness. In the center, the battery life will always be displayed, obviously expressed as a percentage.

There is a dedicated App, but it is not necessary.

If you want you can install an App, downloadable from the Play Store, through a guided process shown in a simple way on the instruction leaflet, allows you to connect it to your Smartphone via Wi-Fi, and will tell you battery status, filter status, general health status of the vacuum cleaner. Nothing that the simple Display present does not tell you. It is a plus, but it is not necessary.

Also because, if any errors appear on the screen on the display, the manual gives the explanation for each individual error code.

How the | keys work Ultenic AC1 review

Let’s go now to see the operation of the keys, which are simple and intuitive.

“Self-Cleaning of the Brush”: how does it work? What is it for?

The highest fret of the neck (With symbol of 3 drops of water and a roller) has the function of activating or deactivating the self-cleaning mode of the brush. This mode is required for initial and preliminary cleaning of the roller brush. It is activated by pressing and holding the dedicated button for a few seconds, under only one condition, it must be connected to its charging base.

As soon as the guide voice tells us that the cleaning has started, it will perform various operations. The first preparation follows, with the water remaining in the clean water tank (remember that there must be water inside for this function) more cleaning solution (Ultenic provides one with the purchase), it will make the liquid sterile, after which it will perform several high-speed movements of the roller releasing a little water at a time to clean the brush. In addition, the base has gods LEDs suitable for sterilization. They are UV ray lamps with particular calibrated frequencies, a bit like those that were used by law during the covid for example by hairdressers to make instruments sterile between one client and another. The application is similar, but in this case the goal is not just the sterilization of the roller from the various germs that are in our homes, but also the cleaning, indeed, the self-cleaning of the filter. Let’s move on with this Ultenic AC1 review.

In fact, among the steps that our Ultenic AC1 will perform, there is also the phase in which it cleans the various water expulsion ducts and pipes, the internal filters thanks to the high pressure, the nozzle of the dirty water container, and other internal elements.

Is it important to do it? Absolutely yes, but you have to make a little note. At the end of all these operations, the drying of the roller will start, through the fans on the base, but the time it takes to dry it is …