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Ultenic K20 review: the double air fryer

In this review we will analyze the new Ultenic K20: an air fryer equipped with a double basket of 4 liters each

In a historical moment like the one we are experiencing, many people are looking for an alternative to their oven / convection oven. The energy crisis we are going through, in fact, leads us to make decisions, to be more careful about what we turn on and decide whether or not to use an appliance.

There are many users who, in recent days, have decided to buy an air fryer. Although the name may be misleading, in fact, an air fryer is nothing more than a ventilated mini oven that consumes less electricity and cooks dishes in less time.

Ultenic has recently launched a new air fryer “K20”Characterized by two baskets with a capacity of 4 liters each. The peculiarity lies in the fact that it is possible to set two different temperatures and cooking times for each side, or to use only one basket at a time. Let’s find out any pros and cons in the full review!

Unboxing & Specifiche

The large box only contains the well protected fryer thanks to cardboard covers. In addition to Ultenic K20, the company provides us with the instruction manual and a small brochure with which it suggests we download the app to see some recommended recipes, but also a booklet with the dishes and their cooking times, as well as the temperature. to set to prepare them. Since we will talk about the fryer later, then, let’s see the technical specifications:

  • Dimensioni: L 35,7cm, A 31,2cm, P 36,5cm
  • Baskets size: 2 × 4 liters
  • Classe energetica: A+++ to G
  • Noise: 60 dB
  • Maximum power: 2850 Watts
  • Peso: 6.8kg
  • Minimum temperature: 80 degrees
  • Maximum temperature: 200 degrees
  • Touch controls
  • 6 cooking presets

Let’s analyze the fryer – Ultenic K20 review

Aesthetically, the fryer is slightly different from the numerous proposals that the market offers, especially in terms of size and the presence of the two baskets. Although the colors adopted are very similar to the fryers of the contenders, the choice of finishes and lines are, in our opinion, very satisfying and suitable for a modern and minimal environment. The dimensions are quite generous and, therefore, it is necessary to have a free surface to be able to position it without being in the way. In fact, we are talking about 35.7cm in width, 31.2cm in height and 36.5cm in depth.

Although the weight is quite substantial, the outer shell is totally in plastic, including the touch screen. Even the handles of the two baskets they are made of plastic but, of course, the latter are made of metal with a non-stick coating. Inside the two baskets we will also find one grill on each side. These also feature a non-stick cover, they can be removed for cleaning and are kept in position inside the fryer thanks to rubber feet.

On the back we have the hot air outlet with two ventilation holes (one per cooking zone) and, therefore, we will have to pull the fryer forward when we are going to use it. In addition to this, here we have the cable with Schuko socket to go to power the device.

Ultenic K20 review: the double air fryer

The various functions – Ultenic K20 review

To turn on the fryer, all you have to do is connect it to the power supply and press the power touch button that will pop up on the screen. By doing this, the display will come to life. This it immediately seemed very understandableso much so that, the first time we used this Ultenic K20, we didn’t need to consult the manual.

First of all, let’s start with the “L” and “R” keys. While the first refers to the left cooking zone, the second to the right one. By pressing one of these two, we can then go on to set all the cooking parameters. If we decide to insert some chips in the left basket, to make ourselves understood, we will have to select “L” and then set the time and temperature of the fryer. We can manage these manually from the left and right ends of the screen, increasing or decreasing degrees and minutes. In the upper row, however, there are ben 6 cooking presets. Starting from the left and going to the right, we will have the control for cooking: chips, for chicken, fish, sweets, vegetables and drying.

As we have previously stated, we can cook two different dishes by setting different times and temperatures in each of the two baskets. However, we can also set an identical cooking using the “L = R” key. There is also the possibility of preheat the ovenindividually modify the parameters during the work and let the cooking finish prematurely both for a single section and for both.

Our Use – Ultenic K20 Review

One of the sides that convinced us the most is certainly that linked to energy consumption. Since we often and willingly turn on the fryer to cook a handful of chips, two shorts or to heat a little something, the fact of turning on one section of the fryer while the other remains off means halving the electrical absorption. In addition to this aspect, it also means going to clean only one basket. In general, the cleaning of the latter it is very simple to be carried out and, although they can be placed in the dishwasher with the racks, we recommend washing by hand to prevent the non-stick coating from coming off.

Regarding the actual technology of the deep fryer, this is very traditional. It does not enjoy any remote control with app or home automation but, in reality, it does not seem like a big lack. We appreciated the fact that, once cooking is finished, the fryer runs the fans for some time in order to cool the internal components.

Speaking of actual use, we have used the fryer in different contexts by setting it up manually, but we also used the presets to cook some chips and fish. The result was really satisfying as the cooking was perfect. Of course, we will be able to remove the baskets even while the fryer is running to check how the food is proceeding or turn. Although the feel of the handles is quite plasticky, the extraction and insertion of the baskets is simple and can be done easily with one hand.

The negative sides we have encountered are two. The touch screen is often unresponsive and we will have to use the thumb to ensure correct reception of the command. There second deficiency is strictly connected to what is the peculiarity of this fryer: the divided basket. Although it has a capacity of 4 liters, the single basket develops vertically, making it impossible to cook a classic donut or large dishes. Clearly this is something to keep in mind before purchasing this Ultenic K20 or other air fryers.

The question you will have to ask yourself is: what would I use my air fryer for? If the answer is: vegetables, chips, rather than fish fillets or cutlets, this product is great. If you are looking for a complete alternative to the convection oven, however, you will probably have to evaluate other more traditional variants.

Ultenic K20 review: the double air fryer

Let’s sum it up

The review of this Ultenic K20 ends here. As we said, we liked the fryer a lot. Her only limitation is also her strength: having two separate baskets which, inevitably, are not capacious with a large single basket. In general, however, we are faced with an excellent product offered at a price that we have deemed correct and which becomes very convenient if you use the frequent coupons available on Amazon.

Ultenic K20 is available at a list price of € 179.99 but, taking advantage of the coupon provided by Amazon and the exclusive discount code “TuttotekK20”, you can make it yours for € 159.99!

Points in favor

  • Possibility of cooking with different times and temperatures
  • Presence of the function to preheat
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • 6 cooking presets available
  • Prezzo

Points against

  • The double basket is a great idea but it has limitations
  • Sometimes unresponsive screen
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