Una startup americana punta a robotizzare i fast food thumbnail

Una startup americana punta a robotizzare i fast food

Una startup americana punta a robotizzare i fast food thumbnail

The future of catering and, in particular, of the fast food it could be related to the robotics with robots that could replace human personnel. An American startup, Mezli, led by a group of Standford engineers, it is working on a project that aims to automate street food. The company aims to create real modular restaurants completely robotized. Inside the restaurants there will be robots specialized in food preparation. Mezli’s automated fast food outlets they do not require the presence of human personnel.

The future of fast food is robots

Mezli aims to conquer the United States, land of fast food, with his own robotic restaurants. The goal, in fact, is to open more than a thousand plants throughout the USA. In the future, the company could also expand into other markets. Robotics could ensure the creation of fast food as well as the delivery of drinks such as low-cost coffee. The project should start shortly.

Fixed costs are reduced

The modular restaurants for the future of fast food designed by Mezli would allow drastically reduce prices. These solutions, in fact, do not require human personnel (therefore no labor costs) and could be implemented with modular structures, without the need to rent premises. The reduction in costs could ensure the possibility of investing in high quality food at fast food prices. A success of this restaurant system would clearly have various effects on society.

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