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UNASCA and Voi Technology, together to make cars and scooters coexist

The coexistence between cars and scooters is a problem to be solved in perfect harmony: for this reason UNASCA and Voi Technology have signed a partnership. The driving school association thus collaborates with the micro mobility operator in sharingto better enjoy the streets of our cities.

UNASCA and Voi Technology sign a partnership for coexistence on the street

The letter of intent signed by the two companies aims to improve safety and coexistence between motorists and scooter drivers. The project sees the distribution of a test for the selected driving schools you determine the knowledge of the ‘scooter’ vehicle. From where you can lead to where you can park.

Once the effectiveness of these teachings has been verified, the over 3,000 schools associated with UNASCA throughout Italy they will have an additional driver’s license form. Something that over 150,000 motorists can benefit from every year.

The form drawn up together with Voi Technology is taken from RideLikeVoila, the first free digital road safety course developed internally by the company. Lets know the characteristics of the vehicle, related fines failure to comply with the driving ban and information on how to park scooters.

More harmony on the street

Antonio Datri ed Emilio Patella, President and National Secretary of UNASCA, explain the importance of the module. “Micro mobility is now a reality in many cities and is spreading throughout the country. In driving schools we want to train new drivers on the ‘coexistence’ of new forms of mobility and respect for the life and freedom of all “.

Also for Magdalena Krenek, General Manager Italy of Voi Technology, underlines how this is an important issue. “The issue of the conflict of use of public space is at the origin of many other issues that we see being raised by the media such as parking and traffic. However, the ‘conflict’ is generated only in the absence of two important conditions: the development of dedicated infrastructures on the one hand, and adequate training courses on the other. Thanks to UNASCA today we know that the Italian novice drivers of the near future will know the scooters and will know how to behave. It is important to collaborate so that the different users of urban traffic have respect for each other and respect is achieved through knowledge. “

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