Unauthorized charges on PostePay from the Play Store: how to request a refund

Addebiti non autorizzati su PostePay dal Play Store: come chiedere il rimborso thumbnail

Over the past ten days it seems that many users are reporting unauthorized charges on your PostePay from the Google Play Store: here’s how to ask for a refund.

Unauthorized charges on PostePay from the Play Store

More PostePay users report it: they are suffering many unauthorized charges on the cards. The subtracted figures outweigh in some cases the 10 euros, in others we speak of 4-5 euros at a time. Relatively low prices, which attract less suspicion. Disgruntled customers report that the transaction appears to be authorized by Google Play Store, although they haven’t made purchases on Google’s digital store. In some cases, the stolen amount exceeds 100 euros.

The charge however, it does not appear to be in any way collegato with the Google platform, which is used as a name for the payment of undue amounts. The suspicion of many customers is therefore that it could be a possible security flaw in the Poste system, even if there are currently no confirmations about it.

Scammed customers report that they have not downloaded any suspicious applications, or replied to or clicked on links in suspicious phishing SMS and emails. Also, the fact that there are multiple customers reporting the same problem, it would seem indicate a possible security breach in the card. Although we cannot be sure: at the moment Poste has not made it known if it has verified the problem.

How to request a refund

While there is not yet a full-blown lawsuit for these charges, you can file in post office, or send away PEC, mail o fax a refund request. The online form can be found at this address. You must indicate in the form your personal data, the coordinates of the account with Poste and unauthorized debits.

At the moment we don’t know what the cause of this problem is. We will update you as soon as possible reasons for the shortages are announced, as well as any extra steps to obtain refunds.