Nilox M1: the safe, comfortable and reliable smart scooter

Nilox, a technology brand for sport and outdoor life in the smart mobility market, presented M1. We know this scooter

The market for electric scooters is increasingly expanding and, although they are hearing about it cooked and raw every day, companies continue to invest in these environmentally friendly and easy-to-stow means of transport. Nilox presented its two new models: the Blaze SE and the M1. In this article we will talk about the Nilox M1,, the new electric scooter equipped with the latest and most innovative technologies to offer greater driving comfort and ensure better safety on the road.

Here is the new Nilox M1 electric scooter

With the aim of maximizing the safety of drivers, this scooter is among the first in Italy to incorporate the turn indicators into the rear LED: a real novelty that makes it simple and safe to signal a change of direction, in addition to braking. In addition, the fluorescent knobs, now made of soft antibacterial material, allow you to always be clearly visible, even at night.

Nilox M1: the safe, comfortable and reliable smart scooter

In addition to the improved features in terms of safety, the M1 winks at those who like to be able to choose a product with some elements with a more refined design: the handlebar and the smart display have been completely revisited, integrating a unique and visually appealing touch & feel, which makes it unmistakable. But that’s not all: via the smart-display any problems will now also be reported, making it even easier to deal with assistance and therefore faster resolution.

The newest member of the Nilox family it is also equipped with Cruise Control, which, in addition to the 3 standard speeds, allows you to travel at the desired speed until the brake is pressed. In addition, M1 is equipped with an innovative safety feature: when switched on, the scooter will automatically go into standby and it will be possible to unlock it only by passing the NFC key (replicable on smartphone) on the on / off button.

Nilox M1: the safe, comfortable and reliable smart scooter


  • Nilox M1: the safe, comfortable and reliable smart scooter


  • Lightweight and compact, but also capable of achieving up to 25 km of autonomy, M1 is suitable for medium distance routes. In addition, the device integrates a 350W motor it’s a torque mode that expresses maximum power uphill. Nilox M1 will be available from November in coloring Matte Black + Flash Lime and later also in the special Dark Grey + Petrol Blue yet recommended retail price of € 399.95.

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