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Uncharted: possible development of the reboot of the saga

According to some rumors, the Uncharted franchise could revive with the development of a reboot, however there could be a software house other than Naughty Dog at work

The last few weeks have seen the succession of rumors about a new video game in the saga of Uncharted under development, but now a new report has been published that claims the existence of new concrete details, which revolve around the possibility of being able to see in the future a reboot of the series. We will then have a fresh start after that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s Endof which you can read our review here.

Uncharted, a reboot with a different software house at work

According to leaked rumors on TheLeak.co, a site with some experience with leaks, earlier this year Sony would have decided to dust off the franchise of Uncharted. According to this rumor, in fact, there could be a reboot of the seriesthis time headed by a new development team that would not be Naughty Dog, which however should assist the new development team, at least in the initial stages of the project.

Uncharted: possible development of the reboot of the saga

It is rumored that the development is still in its infancy, which boils down to the fact that it is very likely that we will not see any official announcements in the near term. Also at the beginning of this year it was reported that Naughty Dog was working to create new development teams for the series Unchartedbut a few months later it emerged that Sony was building a new internal team with the help of PlayStation Studios Virtual Arts.

A job advertisement appeared some time later, revealing that a new studio based in San Diego was working alongside Naughty Dog on “an exciting new project in a beloved franchise.” That there is precisely the development of a reboot of the saga of Uncharted?

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