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UNI FAN SL INFINITY 120: new from Lian Li

Lian Li today presented his latest creation. His new UNI FAN SL INFINITY 120

UNI FAN SL INFINITY 120 is the latest creation of Lian Li (here for more company information), fully customizable in L-Connect 3. SL INFINITY 120 has an improved linking mechanism with removable interlock keys and a power module cable multidirectional. SL INFINITY 120 offers a maximum of 61.3 CFM of airflow, 2.66 mm H2O of air pressure and a noise level up to 29 dBA at 2100 rpm Completely silent at 0 rpm with the new function Start/Stop in L-Connect 3.

UNI FAN SL INFINITY 120: new from Lian Li

UNI FAN SL INFINITY 120 technical details

SL INFINITY 120 is equipped with 40 LED evenly distributed to provide continuous diffused lighting to the fan blades and around the LIAN LI medallion on the back. Thin lighting strips are integrated into the chassis around the fan opening, both in front and behind. At the front and center of the frame, thefan shaft provides illumination to the first mirror of the fan. This has been carefully designed to create a deep and clean infinity effect with 0,5 mm between each layer of light. The second infinity mirror is surrounded by aluminum trim and is located on either side of the frame. The geometric shape of the infinity mirror follows the light strip ARGB front in a top and bottom pattern that creates a 3D toothed appearance. Via L-Connect 3, users can decide between preset lighting effects or combine center and side effects for a personalized look.

With the SL INFINITY 120, LIAN Li makes improvements with removable latch keys on the side of the fan for a better distance to the radiator fittings. The power module is now centered on the fan frame and has been revised to allow the cable to be rotated by 180 degrees, to always be oriented towards the back of the case. Finally, i ARGB and PWM cables that connect to the controller UNI HUB have been combined into one cable, further eliminating cable clutter.

UNI FAN SL INFINITY 120: new from Lian Li

Improved performance

SL INFINITY 120 offers a performance improvement of the 10% compared to the SL120 which results in better airflow (61,3 CFM), a higher static pressure (2,66 mmH2O). And still a wider range of fan speeds (0 – 2100 RPM) at lower noise levels (29 dBA). Introduced for the first time in the UNI FAN range, SL INFINITY 120 can be completely stopped for maximum silence. This feature is supported by L-Connect’s redesigned fan curve interface via mode Start/Stop which allows you to set the RPM to 0 when the CPU or GPU is operating below 50 degrees C.

Il black White UNI FAN SL INFINITY 120 is available for pre-order, at a recommended price of $ 99.99 for 3 fans with controller package and $ 29.99 for single fan package (controller not included).

UNI FAN SL INFINITY 120: new from Lian Li

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