Top 5: the best video tributes made by fans for day one

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What are the best video tributes worthy of a top 5? Here’s our short list for the coolest giveaways for five top IPs

The enthusiasm of gamers moves the entire industry, and for once we wanted to dedicate one top 5 ai best video tributes dedicated to as many IPs. We don’t often delve into the world of the “unofficial” in such depth, but in reality there were some videos to which we wanted to dedicate a ranking since it was only a “top three”. It’s been a while since then, and we finally have the remaining two nominees to make it to number and discover the fan-favorite giveaways in question. Depending on how much time you intend to devote to each video, it goes without saying that this article could turn out to be as short as it is long.

Of course, never let it be that we don’t give each other rules to draw up a ranking. As we have already hinted, we will dedicate a location to each IP. Not for this, however, it is a ranking of the franchises: for each video we will explain why we chose it and why in that position. One thing is certain: the variety will not be lacking, to the point that each of these five films (or should we say “projects”, as you will understand at the end) boasts features not shared with the rest of the participants. In other words, therefore, based on your preferences you could shuffle the cards on the table at will!

Number 5: a balloon expert

We didn’t necessarily want to put established youtubers in our top 5, but the American Anthony “AntDude” he deserved at least one position. All the youtubers who make video game analysis and criticism their vocation are known for a favorite franchise, and if the British James “Caddicarus” Caddick has made Crash Bandicoot and Oddworld his daily bread, for AntDude the obsession is as much as ever rose. From the opening of his channel until today, this overseas guy has reviewed every Kirby released on day one. And as it was for us, Kirby and the Lost Land was no exception.

However, shortly after the game’s release (and “shortly after” is one of the reasons why he opens the leaderboard), AntDude uploaded his first, real “long video”. It is what it, in turn, is a ranking of all 39 Kirby games released until today. Dedicating a few minutes to each of them, Antony has examined every single title belonging to the HAL Laboratory saga. We don’t want to spoil anything for you, but take our word for it: some of the titles reviewed are unknown to even the most avid fans. Including the one who, with no little embarrassment about it, is writing these lines!

Number 4: one level per second – top 5 of the best fan video tributes

Going from one type of youtuber to another, in our top 5 of the best video tributes there is a place, believe it or not, even an author of YouTube Poop. For those who are not aware of the phenomenon, these are idiotic montages that go from the simple improper association of two scenes to real surgical operations on the audio … always in order to make people say the unspeakable from whom we would not expect it. . There are so many authors who have made a name for themselves in this field, but one of the most prolific is NPCarlsson. Fear not: we do not intend to show you anything compromising.

In view of the arrival of Spyro Reignited Trilogy, NPCarlsson wanted to pay homage to the Activision franchise with a quick retelling of the classic trilogy on PS1. And when we say “fast”, we are not talking about speedrunning: compared to the previous position, we are talking about a video of less than two minutes. The trick is, quite simply devote just one second of material to each level which makes up the first three games. The result is of undoubted impact, for a carousel at breakneck speed that will hold us by the hand showing us how much best represents each of the various levels. Guess what NPCarlsson chose for Breeze Harbor…

Number 3: rave party – top 5 of the best fan video tributes

We saw an author of YouTube Poop, and then we can move on to a content creator with the same subversive verve but with a wider creative flair. MowtenDoo (distortion of the homophone drink for gamers) has in fact also dabbled in several fields, one above all a collaboration with the youtuber Jirard “The Completionist” Khalil for the delirious retro-censorship of the cult Pepsiman (PS1). In view of the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros.However, MowtenDoo has decided to go for a beautiful one collabwhich in the jargon is a choral project hosted by a single channel but with the participation of other authors.

This project is known today as Super Mario Extreme Disco 2015, and it’s a triumph of color that sees rudimentary animation (mostly the alternation of designs) mingling with gameplay scenes taken from across the plumber franchise until the year the video was released. The idea of ​​a rave party hosted by Mario himself probably won’t see the light outside of some free rein spin-offs like Mario Strikers Battle League Football, but this party with Japanese and English text really manages to pay homage to every single pearl never born from the IP.

Number 2: “SEEEGAAA” – top 5 of the best fan video tributes

We never deny ourselves a bit of topicality in rolling out our specials. With Sonic Origins around the corner, it was only a matter of time before we reconnected to what already promises to be the best incarnation of the Mega Drive era of the porcupine. The video that we will show you is undoubtedly simpler on a conceptual level than MowtenDoo’s choral project, but also more painstaking in its execution. The Spanish VicenticoTD contributed to a genre of content that is relatively niche on YouTube: the transition between logos.

Searching on the site for the text string “crossover logo” you will find yourself in front of the most bizarre results, but sometimes the fluidity of the final result can surprise you. VicenticoTD has therefore opted for a video of almost three minutes, which brings together the title screens of every Sonic game ever released on a fixed console (the handheld spinoffs are brought together in a roundup at the end), plus the first film. The transitions, animated with maniacal care, earned the author an illustrious mention in the comments section: none other than the official account of the porcupine itselfreconfirming the franchise’s wonderful relationship with its fans.

Number 1: history take me away

Did you think the video that opened our top 5 of the best tributes was a long one? Try talking about hours in the plural, then. The project with which we close this ranking was born like the others with a commemorative intent: the Kirby ranking came out for the half million subscribers of AntDude and for the thirtieth anniversary of the series, the Spyro distillate was born for the Reignited Trilogy, and the next two positions are homages for the thirtieth anniversary of their respective franchises. For the gold medal, you might think that the writer is biased, a little for the franchise involved and a little for the Italian nature of the editor.

Ma no, la Kingdom Hearts Timeline (remember her?) of Marco “Everglow” promises exactly what the title says: every single scene in the series, prior to Kingdom Hearts III, edited in chronological order. And as a company, this already looks titanic on paper. Everglow, however, went far beyond: the gameplay scenes (and not) present received an audio reconstruction from scratch, including songs by Yoko Shimomura, sound effects and dialogues. As for the title less considered in the remaster, or 358/2 Days, the editor used a modded version of Kingdom Hearts II to recreate events to which the games had only alluded. All this while also integrating black and white diaries and flashbacks. A collection of over one hundred and twenty videos simply to take your breath away.

Now it’s up to you to tell us yours: how would you have compiled the ranking? Let us know below, and as always don’t forget to stay on for all the most important news for gamers and more. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Instant Gaming.