United Kingdom: remove Chinese video cameras from government buildings

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The government of United Kingdom it stated that it will block the installation of video cameras from Chinese manufacturers in government buildings, citing security concerns. The words of the British government implying a risk of espionage by Beijing.

The UK blocks the installation of Chinese cameras in government buildings

The representative of the Parliament Oliver Dowden He explained that in the analysis of “current and future potential security risks associated with the installation of visual surveillance on government properties,” doubts emerged regarding Chinese companies. “The review concluded that, in light of the threat to the UK and the growing capacity and connectivity of these systems, further checks are needed”.

Meanwhile, installation of cameras from Chinese manufacturers must stop on government properties.

The spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry cinee Mao Ning commented by saying that it calls on Chinese companies to respect local laws. But “China strongly opposes the excessive expansion of some people’s concept of national security for unreasonably suppress Chinese companies.”

The UK directive applies to all companies subject to Chinese safety laws and includes guidance to UK government departments of unplug these devices and consider removing them altogether.

The legislation comes after months in which several members of Parliament called for a ban on the use of video cameras made by two companies, Hikvision e Dahua, companies partially controlled by the Chinese state, due to security concerns. Both the companies assure that their cameras cannot transmit video to third parties and who do not manage or have access to the recorded videos.

The United States has recently restricted the sale and installation of camcorders from these and other Chinese companies. The direction taken by these two governments therefore seems clear. We will keep you updated on the matter.

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