Goodram: presented the new DDR5 memory modules

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The brand new DDR5 memories are coming with the brand name of the Polish company Goodram

The Polish brand Goodram, owned by Wilk Elektronik SA (here for more info), introduces its first DDR5 memory modules. This is great news for users of the latest generation platforms looking for even greater speed and performance. Signed modules with the Polish manufacturer’s logo will soon appear on store shelves. Goodram strongly underlines this awaited preview, while announcing the imminent introduction of DDR5 modules with RGB lighting. The latter, in turn, will enter the market with the logo of IRDM, a gaming brand also owned by Wilk Elektronik SA.

Goodram: presented the new DDR5 memory modules

Details on Goodram’s new DDR5

Users who want to equip their computer units with the latest Goodram modules can choose between two memory standards: U-DIMM and SO-DIMM with frequencies of 4800 and 5200 MHz and latencies CL40 and CL42 respectively and a capacity of 16 GB in Single Channel configuration.

DDR5 memory represents a huge leap in technology over previous generations, not to mention an improvement in performance. Users of platforms adapted to the latest standard will definitely feel the difference. DDR5 memory increases bandwidth by approximately 50% over the fourth generation, as well as double the bandwidth. Stability at such a high clock speed is ensured by the PMIC, which is the integrated power management chip. The latest modules offer tremendous speed and efficiency of operation, with low stability and low power consumption. The latest memories consume up to 30% less energy than DDR4 memory. This is a big plus, especially for users who care about maximum battery life.”

he claims Wieslaw WilkPresident of Wilk Elektronik, pointing out the advantages of DDR5 modules.


The decisive benefits for users of using DDR5 modules include faster system operation. Working with a large number of open browser tabs and switching between applications will be much smoother. 8K resolution materials and other heavy files will be handled with ease. The latest DDR5 memory is a direct response to the growing market demand for more efficient computer components and sets. The advantages of using these memories are especially noticeable in professional applications thanks to the very high speeds. A significant increase in efficiency will be felt, among other things, in compression tests. The high clock speed, the reduction of power consumption and the simultaneous maintenance of the stability of DDR5 modules would not be possible without the use of appropriate technological solutions that perfectly characterize Goodram DDR5 memory.

Goodram: presented the new DDR5 memory modules

On-die ECC and PMIC technology

On-die ECC technology eliminates bit errors in the module to ensure maximum reliability. One of the most important components of DDR5 memory modules is the PMIC (Power Management Integrated Circuit). It allows you to “fine-tune” the modules in terms of power management and working stability. Furthermore, DDR5s feature an SPD HUB with an integrated temperature sensor. It allows you to transfer important data over the I3C bus to configure settings such as speed, latency and, in the case of OC modules, to load a memory card. Goodram DDR5 modules are not only dedicated to users who want the latest technologies in their daily solutions. But they’re also meant for professionals and PC builders looking for above-average experiences.

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