Volkswagen strikes deal with United Auto Workers

The employees who are part of the work team of the Volkswagen factory in Chattanooga have signed an agreement with the United Auto Workers, marking the history of the German company and also a record

What happened recently in Chattanooga, Tennessee is something that marked history of one of the largest German automotive companies in the world. We are talking about Volkswagen, which struck a deal with the United Auto Workers. It is a American union, but it's not just any union. This is indeed one of the most important American trade unions, if not the most important, which was voted by 73% of the employees of the Volkswagen factory located in Tennessee. This is an agreement that marks the history of the company and also the world of motors, thus leaving its mark on Volkswagen's career. But why is this agreement so important that we can consider it as a historical event? The reasons are very simple and seem more than legitimate to us, given that we are talking about an event that has not occurred for almost a hundred years.

Volkswagen strikes deal with United Auto WorkersVolkswagen strikes deal with United Auto Workers

Volkswagen e United Auto Workers uniti

This is the first automotive factory in the South that has decided to join the union through elections since the 1940s. Plus it's also a factory of a foreign-owned company, so this deal scores not one, but well two firsts. This was a great satisfaction for the UAW, which however has no intention of stopping. In fact, it has also targeted other foreign companies in the automotive sector and the first of all is BMW, but there are also Honda, Hyundai, Mazda, Mercedes, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota and Volvo. The union therefore took a step forward from the end of last year, when it reached a provisional agreement with General Motors, following the model established with Ford and Jeep. These are agreements that they will last four years and eight months and provide for wage increases and greater adjustment to the cost of living.

An event therefore not to be forgotten, which will make life easier for many people. What do you think? Tell us your opinion in the comments and stay tuned to our website techgameworld.com so as not to miss other news from the world of motors and much, much more!