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Urbnx, the platform to get rid of work stress

Arriva Urbnxthe new and innovative platform dedicated to smart working, to find and book with maximum flexibility spaces close to home in which to work and organize meetings.

What is the Urbnx platform

Urbnx was born during the pandemic from an idea of ​​company executives John Peracin e Alberto Nathansohn.

The platform is a marketplace digital, which allows you to spend the time dedicated to working operations close to home, but at the same time being outside of it. The solution qualifies as intelligent, as it helps workers to maintain the correct balance between work and free time, thus promoting workplace wellness.

“Leave The Stress Out Of Your Home” is the motto of Urbnx, which allows you to reinterpret and give new life to disused spaces in the city center or in the suburbs.

“Doing home working is managing a team that lives remotely and no longer interacts as before; a home office that is almost never a separate room, with children and/or partners around and several digital calls/meetings, with no more service hours. Not to mention the relationships that sink, reduced to a screen with which to talk in solitude every day.

A condition that we have all experienced and suffered for two long years. This is how Alberto and I, accustomed instead to a super dynamic life, always in contact with collaborators and customers all over the world, wanted to make a contribution to the world of work, creating an innovative project that would bring value to people, to companies and the whole territory to make real Smart Working” explained Giovanni Peracin, to which is added the comment of Alberto Nathansohn.

“The platform is already active, for those who are looking for it as well as for those who want to make a workspace available. Right now we are focused on implementing the offer.”

Why rely on Urbnx

According to the data of theSmart Working Observatory of the Milan Polytechnicin 2022 in Italy remote working was used by approx 3.6 million peoplea number that is expected to increase slightly in 2023.

This way of working spread like wildfire especially during the period of lockdownthen carried out by various companies to cope with the high energy cost and the need to be able to combine private life and work in the best possible way.

And it is precisely in this context that the Urbnx platform fits in, compatible with iOS e Androidor by connecting to the official site, where possible find and compare prices and book a safe workspace for a few hours or for the whole day.

Why rely on Urbnx? Why very often homes do not have functional spaces for work operations: how many times have smartworkers worked uncomfortably in the kitchen or from their bed due to lack of free surfaces? Urbnx, therefore, offers itself as a solution for working in smartworking wherever you prefer, in an equipped and quiet space, which allows you to relate to the outside world.

Finally, again according to the Smart Working Observatory of the Milan Polytechnic, one of the reasons that convinces companies to adopt smart working is rising energy costs. In fact, with a hybrid solution that puts workers at home two days a week, companies can save up to 500 euros per station per year, but also reduce CO2 polluting emissions.

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