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Counter Strike 2 has been officially announced!

Valve has surprisingly announced Counter Strike 2, a new free upgrade for CS:GO that will be released this summer

If you are a fan of the FPS or gods PC gamersfor sure you will know very well Counter Strike. This series of first-person shooters branded Valve was born in the now distant 2000s and to date the most played title is certainly CS:GO.

Even though you still have a very active player base today, CS:GO is a 2012 title and obviously the weight of the years begins to feel for him too. Rumors have been circulating for a while now modernization of this chapter and surprisingly recently one has arrived official confirmation. Recently indeed Valve has announced Counter Strike 2a great free CS:GO upgrade that will be playable this summer.

Counter Strike 2 will bring many new features and changes to CS:GO players

Counter Strike 2 will be a big update of CS:GO which will modify and improve various aspects of the game. First, Valve has stated that the game will use the Source Engine 2, a new graphics engine that will obviously bring many visual improvements, but also technical ones. In fact, the company has stated that in Counter Strike 2 players will be able to enjoy a much more responsive movement and shooting system which will allow you to be as accurate as possible regardless of your tick rate.

Valve has also anticipated some of the novelty of gameplay that will be present in CS2. For example now grenades will be able to interact with other game events and explosions will spread more naturally in environments. The biggest changes, however, will certainly be those related to mapssince apparently they have all been completely rebuilt from scratch.

Luckily to discover all these novelties it will be enough to wait for the summer of 2023, but some select users may even get to try them much sooner. In fact, the most avid players of CS:GO could already receive a in-game invite which will allow them access to a limited test version of Counter Strike 2.

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