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Urtopia Chord E-bike: technology and art come together

Urtopia presented the new Chord E-bike, which mixes technology and art in a truly unique product. Let’s find out together

Urtopia achieved great success with the launch of its first all-carbon fiber smart e-bike last year and has received praise from celebrities around the world. Today Urtopia once again attracts our attention with the launch of Chord, an e-bike that perfectly blends technology and art. Let’s see all the details of this new electric bicycle from the Hong Kong-based company.

Everything you need to know about the new Urtopia Chord e-bike

Chord is an e-bike designed for evoke a sense of grace, poise and sophistication inspired by the physical appearance of a piano keyboard and the spirit of musical harmony. The pure white frame of the bike is obtained through a process of liquid forging it’s a seamless construction, which creates a smooth and seamless shape. One of Chord’s most unique characteristics is its black removable drop-in batterywhich complements the black and white piano keys and adds a touch of elegance to the bike’s design.

Urtopia Chord E-bike: technology and art come together

Chord is equipped with Shimano 8-speed gearbox e torque sensor. The former effortlessly offers a range of speeds to match any terrain. The second instead detects pedaling effort e adjust the engine power accordinglyproviding a natural and intuitive driving experience that feels like music in motion. Owen ZhangCEO of Urtopia, said the following:

At Urtopia, we understand that when it comes to choosing an electric bike, our customers want the best of both worlds: a bike that not only performs exceptionally well, but also takes care of their unique needs. That’s why, with Chord, we’ve gone above and beyond to create a bike that’s not only well-designed and technologically advanced. We’re not just launching a new product, we’re launching a new way of thinking about electric bikes. With Chord, we put our users at the forefront of everything we do.

All the main smart functions are integrated in the small box in the center of the handlebar. In fact, the latter will act as an on-board computer with an LED display, a GPS/eSIM module, voice recognition system, fingerprint sensor and much more. The smart box is also equipped with the advance IoT technology (Internet of Things) and can be aggiornata Over-the-air (OTA), or through a point-to-point communication e via a wireless network, therefore without cable. It can be also detached and replaced with newer models coming out over the years, allowing you to keep the mechanical body and only change that particular piece.

Another security feature is ARES (Advanced Rear Early-indication System), with a bright red position light and a pair of projection lights that indicate turn directions. In short, an e-bike that moves away from the pure and simple concept of a bicycle for make the most of the new technologies we have at our disposal. What do you think of this new electric bike? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss further news regarding the hardware and technological universe, continue to follow!

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