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US EPA confirms 60% electric cars by 2030

The American environmental agency, EPAannounced the new rules regarding the vehicle emissions, with a sharp reduction in the permitted limits and the goal of reaching 60%. electric cars sold by 2030.

EPA, in the USA the goal is 60% of electric cars in 2030

The numbers are those that had already leaked in the previous days, with sales that could reach 60% of the total in 2030, and the 67% in 2032. These are much higher goals than those that Joe Biden had set, which he was stopped at 50%.

The EPA also gave reasons for tightening the rules. According to the institution, the market has been moving forward very quickly since the President communicated his aspirations two years ago. The number of electric car models has increased by 100%, charging stations have doubled, and overall use of electric vehicles has tripled.

Electric cars 2035 0

All these factors have prompted to be more courageous. As in Europe, the EPA does not specify which cars will have to be sold, but establishes i maximum levels of average emissions that the fleet will have to respect. In practice, emissions must fall by about 13% every year, down to 82 grams of CO2 per mile in 2032. The 2021 data showed an average value of 347 grams per mile.

Other pollutants have also been taken into consideration, such as NOx, PM2.5, COV and SOx, all of which will have to decrease by about 50%. The EPA has also estimated the costs and benefits that the new rules will entail. The average American consumer will save $12,000 over the life of the car, and all of this multiplied by the number of inhabitants produces enormous figures. Indeed, there will be $1 trillion in benefits, hundreds of billions saved for the health and climate sectors. In addition of course to a lower dependence on foreign oil for tens of billions of barrels.

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