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Used cars: the best sellers of Summer 2023 according to Autohero

Summer is almost over and AutoheroEurope’s leading online shop for used cars, compiles the classification from the 3 most purchased cars in Italy in the second quarter of 2023, also used for holidays and escapes from the city during the summer season. According to the sales data of Autohero in Italy, in first place, we find the Fiat Panda followed by Renault Clio and from Toyota Yaris which closes this special top 3.

Autohero, the ranking of the summer 2023: Fiat Panda between practicality and versatility

The Fiat Panda, which had already won first place in the ranking of the most purchased used cars on Autohero in Italy in 2022, remains the preferred solution also in second quarter 2023. Compact and practical, it is perfect for accompanying Italians on their travels, guaranteeing high maneuverability that allows them to maneuver around holiday resorts where traffic could be a problem.

Furthermore, thanks to its small size, it is ideal for finding parking without any worries. Also available in 4×4 all-wheel drive versionthe Fiat Panda is also a perfect ally to tackle off-road routes to beaches less frequented by mass tourism and to enjoy breathtaking views, often more difficult to reach. Once again, this car shows its versatility, adapting to every need.

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Autohero, the ranking of the summer 2023: Renault Clio between reliable performance and comfort

The Renault Clio It features excellent suspension, dynamic handling and high stability making it a reliable car even on the roughest roads, enabling drivers to reach even the most challenging destinations. Furthermore, thanks to its standard equipment, it is perfect for i long trips, ensuring safety and tranquility in reaching the summer destinations without worries. The Renault Clio embodies the perfect balance between reliable performance, advanced driver assistance technologies and driving comfort.

Toyota Yaris: technology and flexibility

The Toyota Yaris it’s the perfect car for a more sparkling summer on the road. It’s a reliable vehicle to get around in city and, thanks to the perfect combination of power and low fuel consumption, it’s ideal for weekends or for trips out of town with friends or family. It also allows you to experience intuitive connectivity thanks to Toyota Smart Connect technology which also allows you to signal the dangers present in the area.

The system collects information from other motorists and is able to show places where an accident has occurred or where the road surface is particularly slippery. The Toyota Yaris proves to be an ideal choice for those looking for the perfect combination of entertainment and safety.

Fiat 500c: elegant and connected

With regard to the convertibleusually very popular among Italians especially before the summer, the Fiat 500c it was confirmed as the most purchased on Autohero in Italy. In general, the Fiat 500 is extremely attractive and practical, loved for its retro design, despite its recent appearance restyling. The convertible version is perfect for the city and trips out of town, pleasant to drive due to its practicality and compactness that does not require much parking space. The Fiat 500c is the ideal solution for anyone looking for an elegant and perfectly connected car thanks to its infotainment system that helps you relax and enjoy your journey.

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