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Valorant: all the news of Act II Episode 4 which comes out today

In celebration of the release of Episode 4 Act II of Valorant today, RIOT Games announces all the news of the update.

All the news of Episode 4 Act II of Valorant

The new Act II of Episode 4 of Valorant kicks off today, introducing numerous in-game innovations, starting with the new Battle Pass available at 1000 VP. This will include:

  • Classic Striker
  • Balalaika spray by Tatticorso
  • Weeping Tips Spray
  • Weapon accessory Multi-purpose slipper
  • #SAVEWIDEJOY player card
  • Striker Operators
  • Striker knife
  • Vandal Werewolf’s torment
  • Divine Swine Judge
  • Homecoming Player Card // Jett
  • Werewolf’s Torment Player Card
  • Bruno’s Merry Dance Spray
  • Mi Goreng weapon accessory

New Gaia Bundles with the following Weapons Weapons:

  • Fury of Gaia (melee weapon)
  • Vandal Vengeance of Gaia
  • Ghost Vendetta of Gaia
  • Marshal Vengeance of Gaia
  • Guardian Vendetta of Gaia

GaiasVengeance Bundle 1920x1080 1024x576

It also includes:

  • Gaia’s Revenge card
  • Gaia’s Revenge weapon accessory
  • Gaia’s Vengeance Spray

Weapons and levels

  • Level 1: custom weapon model with shimmering red crystal, custom bullets and custom scope.
  • Level 2: custom shooting sounds and visual effects.
  • Level 3: Custom sounds and visual effects during reload, equipment and exam.
  • Level 4: killing banner and final effect
  • Version 1: blue variant with final effect matched to the color of the variant.
  • Variant 2: green variant with final effect matched to the color of the variant.
  • Variant 3: orange variant with final effect matched to the color of the variant.

Melee Weapons

  • Level 1: custom model with shimmering red crystal.
  • Level 2: custom sounds and visual effects during equipment, attack and exam.
  • Version 1: blue variant
  • Variant 2: green variant
  • Variant 3: orange variant

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