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Vampire Survivors: The best weapons to survive

Here is the guide to the best weapons to survive in the world of Vampire Survivors and with which to send demons back to hell in a practical and fast way

We are going to believe that Vampire Survivors needs no introduction, the title has in fact been one of the recent phenomena in the world of video games, as it is a small Italian indie with low pretensions but which has caught on many gamers. It was in fact developed by a single programmer, who bears the name of Luca Galante (albeit signed as Poncle), and it’s a very simple one roguelike shoot’em up with a top view from the artistic component in pixel art. And precisely because of its roguelike nature, we believe the drafting of one is a must Vampire Survivor best weapons guidewhich will undoubtedly be very useful to you.

10) Pentagram – Vampire Survivors: Best Weapons

Starting from the “weakest” weapon, gradually descending towards the best, we cannot fail to point out the Staff. In fact, the Pentagram will give players the possibility, if used, to kill all the enemies present on the screen at that moment, it is clearly an excellent move in case we are extremely in difficulty. However, there will be a heavy price to payin fact it will not only eliminate all the monsters on the screen, but also every item on the ground, for this reason it is advisable to use it only if you have no other alternatives.

Vampire Survivors: The best weapons to survive

9) Dagger – Vampire Survivors: Best Weapons

Have Dagger early game can be a good advantage, as it allows you to easily take out weaker early game enemies, such as bats. One of Dagger’s shortcomings is that he punches enemies in front of you, and could be extremely difficult to use if you’re cornered. Its evolved form Thousand Edge instead it allows you to fire multiple daggers at a time and at a high speed, If you love going head-to-head with enemies, this could be the weapon for you.

Vampire Survivors: The best weapons to survive

8) Garlic – Vampire Survivors: best weapons

Although we imagine you will hardly believe it, we are sure that once you discover it you will be eager to have Garlic as early as possible in your game. The sooner you get Garlic in the game, the better for youas getting Garlic in a game while you’re already at a good level won’t give you the proper benefits. In fact, garlic ensures a circle of protection around the characterand if properly leveled it will deal greater damage to enemies, even the strongest ones, especially in its evolved form Soul Eater.

Vampire Survivors: The best weapons to survive

7) Ax – Vampire Survivors: Best Weapons

The usage of Ax it may seem difficult at first as it launches shots at enemies at an extremely slow pace, but if leveled up enough it can be a worthy ally against enemies. By combining it with objects such as Candle holder e Empty Tome you can increase the cooldown and throw Ax at high speed. His Death Spiral evolution will launch a circle of scythes around the character thus allowing you to kill all the enemies around you, excellent in case we were surrounded.

Vampire Survivors: The best weapons to survive

6) Ring of Lightning – Vampire Survivors: Best Weapons

Ring of Lightning is an item that does a huge amount of damage and is one of the best weapons in Vampire Survivors especially in the final stages of the game, with which it will be possible to quickly get rid of many enemies. Unfortunately, initially it will not be the very useful weapon that you expect, as it will drop random lightning from above on random map points, which does not guarantee that it will actually hit enemies. However, over time it will start hitting targets directly, and will improve as it levels up. His final form Thunder Loop will attack enemies dealing massive amounts of damage.

Vampire Survivors: The best weapons to survive

5) Peachone and Ebony Wings – Vampire Survivors: best weapons

Peachone ed Ali d’Ebano they are grouped together as they are two weapons of different shapes, but which basically have the same power, they bomb and hit the enemies. Unfortunately, while they do a lot of damage, these two weapons only attack from one side, leaving the character vulnerable to attacks from the other side. When used together they can be unstoppable, especially in their combined forms.

Vampire Survivors: The best weapons to survive

4) Holy Water – Vampire Survivors: Best Weapons

Holy water is one of the most underrated weaponsby itself might not really be one of the best weapons, but when paired with upgrades like Candle holder o Spell Collector will do massive amounts of damage to enemies. In his La Botta evolution, the water follows the character wherever he moves. It is very useful for countering enemies that get too close.

Vampire Survivors: The best weapons to survive

3) Rune Tracker – Vampire Survivors: Best Weapons

Rune Tracer It’s one of the best weapons in Vampire Survivors that can be used from the start and carried throughout the match, it ricochets projectiles off walls making sure you hit enemies. This attack as you progress in the game will tend to increase its thickness covering a huge and vast area of ​​play and allowing the gamer to thin out the enemies on the ground. Leveling up to the end of Rune Carver gives No Futurewhich will literally hit everything even covering the game screen.

Vampire Survivors: The best weapons to survive

2) The King’s Bible – Vampire Survivors: best weapons

The King’s Bible it is a weapon that is more useful to have in the mid-game, as it will initially do a meager amount of damage to enemies. Like some of the weapons featured in this guide, it’s perfect for thinning out enemy ranks and keeping them at a distance. His Evil Vespers evolution adds a diverse handful of Bibles to the character’s arsenalwhirling at an extremely high speed around it and forming a practically impenetrable barrier.

Vampire Survivors: The best weapons to survive

1) Whip – Vampire Survivors: best weapons

The best weapon of all that you should use whenever you get the chance is the Whip, a complete and perfect weapon that works regardless of the type of scenario we are in. If combined with Duplicatore e Candle holder it can cause massive damage to enemy ranks, and to make the weapon even better, just evolve it into Bloody tear. In this form it will not only increase the amount of damage dealt to enemies, but will also allow players to heal their character for each hit that lands. You will agree with us that it is the best weapon to survive in the fight against demons.

Vampire Survivors: The best weapons to survive

Survive in the tough fight against the Darkness

We have reached the end of this guide, which we hope has been of great use to all those who intend to better face the difficult world of Vampire Survivors (with these weapons, which are the best, you will have an easier life), a title released at the end of 2021 and which continues to be one of the most famous video games of the moment.

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