Amazon cuts workforce: layoffs for 18 thousand

Amazon taglia la forza lavoro: licenziamenti per 18 mila dipendenti thumbnail

The crisis is also being felt by Amazon getting ready to start a program of thousands of layoffs, to give a clear cut to the workforce and management costs. The rumors launched by the Wall Street Journal have been confirmed by the company itself. Amazon expects layoffs for around 18,000 workers. Here are the full details on the layoffs Amazon is preparing to initiate in the coming weeks:

Amazon kicks off a maxi-campaign of layoffs: 18,000 workers away

The uncertain economic environment leads to the start of a maxi-layoff program at Amazon. The company, despite the billions in turnover, is preparing to cut 18 thousand jobs. As confirmed by the CEO, Andy Jassy, ​​the company will provide support packages to redundant workers to help them find a new job. There will be various forms of support to help former workers.

We remember that Amazon announced last November its intention to cut its workforce, without however specifying the extent of the layoffs. The first rumors anticipated a cut of about 10,000 jobs. However, the continuation of the economic uncertainty has prompted Amazon to make an even greater cut. We’ll see if there will be further layoffs in the future.

We recall that last September Amazon could count on about 1.5 million employees worldwide. The cut will account for approximately 1% of the company’s overall workforce.