Venezia 78: The Last Worker unico videogioco selezionato per la Mostra thumbnail

Venezia 78: The Last Worker video game selected for the Exhibition

In Venice 78 there will also be space for videogame art. Wired Productions, Oiffy and Wolf & Wood announce that The Last Worker videogame, the work of the writer and director Jörg Tittel, was in fact selected to participate in the 78th edition of the Venice Biennale Film Festival, which will be held from 1 to 11 September 2021. The first chapter of The Last Worker will be presented as a world premiere to the jury and accredited guests of the festival on Oculus Quest / Oculus Quest 2 and will compete for the Golden Lion in the VR Expanded category. It is the only video game present in the 23 nominations. This is Jörg Tittel’s statement on the subject:

I’ve always dreamed of one of my stories coming to the Biennale, but who expected it would be a virtual reality game! It’s wonderful that the oldest film festival is at the forefront of celebrating the future of storytelling. There is no better place to present the world and the characters we have created.

The teaser of The Last Worker, the only video game in Venice 78

The Last Worker includes intense performances by a stellar cast, which will be unveiled in early September. Released on all platforms in 2022, The Last Worker is a narrative adventure focused on the difficulties we face in an increasingly automated and dehumanizing world. With its lonely, oppressive, yet gorgeous setting, The Last Worker is a unique blend of first-person storytelling, work simulation and stealth strategic gameplay. Combining hand-crafted designs with unique and engaging gameplay mechanics in an epic setting, the work offers an exciting yet provocative and entertaining story, featuring interesting characters played by a stellar cast.

These are the words of Leo Zullo, general manager of Wired Productions, on the only title of its kind present in Venice 78:

The Last Worker’s design, story and themes are unique, and what Jörg, Ryan and their teams are creating fills us with pride. I am eager to see how the story unfolds.

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