Venom 3: theatrical release date revealed

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There are big news about Venom 3, the next film with Tom Hardy: the release date in theaters has been revealed

Il symbiote he will return to the Sony Spider-Man universe after the disappointing second chapter and the release date of the film has been revealed. Good news then for fans who want to see it again on the big screen Tom Hardy in the role of Venom, Spider-Man’s nemesis, the protagonist of his own separate cinematic vein since 2018. After the start of filming, a new entry in the cast thought about revealing the release date of Venom 3.

Venom 3: theatrical release date revealed

Venom 3 release date revealed

We refer in particular to Juno Temple, star of Ted Lasso where she played the sweet and headstrong Keeley Jones until the series concluded a few weeks ago. Talking to Variety with fellow set Hannah Waddinghamlet it be known what the production plans for Venom 3 are. The actress revealed that she hasn’t started filming her parts yet, but, apparently, the expected release date for the next Tom Hardy film should be October 2024. Some foreign sites in the last few hours have relaunched the news, indicating more precisely the Halloween period, or the same period in which the last film was released, quite disappointing for the fans to be honest, Let There Be Carnage.

Complicating matters could of course be the ongoing writers’ strike. To direct this Venom 3 will be Kelly Marcell, also author of the script of the first two chapters, and in recent weeks it was also announced that Chiwetel Ejiofor will also be part of the cast. Not only that: intriguing theories have also begun to emerge about who the film’s villain could be. According to the latest rumors, she could be represented by a decidedly minor character from the world of Marvel comics, but already somewhat anticipated thanks to events and other realities already transposed on the big screen: Orwell Taylor, character who made his first appearance in 1992. What do you think? Are you looking forward to seeing it at the cinema? Tell us your opinion in the comments.

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