Venywhere: una piattaforma per un nuovo modo di lavorare e vivere a Venezia thumbnail

Venywhere: a new way to work and live in Venice

Venywhere was born thanks to a collaboration between the Venice Foundation and the Ca ‘Foscari University. It is a project that aims to attract remote workers from all over Italy.

Venywhere is born: the digital platform dedicated to work in Venice

Today we talk to you about Venywherea new project that will see the light in March and that comes from the collaboration between Foundation of Venice e the Ca ‘Foscari University. It is about a digital platform that aims to improve contact and interaction between remote workers and the city, facilitating the attraction and insertion of a new active community of people. A possibility that should not be underestimated also for the economic opportunities that the members of the local community will benefit from.

The rest flexibility is the real key word in the post-pandemic world of work, and smart working has become the new everyday life for many realities. Along with this trend, the rules of the city growth game are also changing: from the need to attract businesses to the opportunity to directly attract skilled workers. The team of Cisco, through 16 employees from various European countries, will be the first to experience the functionality of the Venywhere platform in Venice. Innovative collaboration platforms like Cisco Webex create models that go beyond today’s remote working experiences, setting new standards that are more inclusive and engaging.

The project starts from the assumption that the lagoon city could be the ideal place for a new balance between work and personal life. The platform has been online for a few weeks, albeit in an experimental version, and can be reached at this link. It has already attracted over 15000 visits for a total of over 1200 registrations of workers potentially interested in moving to Venice.

Who is the platform aimed at? And how can it benefit workers?

The main targets to which Venywhere addresses are essentially four:

  • Freelance workers e i “Digital nomads”
  • Employeeswho have the opportunity to carry out their business for prolonged periods away from their headquarters
  • Venetian residentswho can take advantage of support services for their remote work, facilitating their stay in the city
  • Companies interested in moving entire teams for extended periods to Venice.

The project is developed on three key areas, which aims at greater integration between workers and cities:

  • Individuate residential solutions and work spaces adequate.
  • Develop a service offering which allows you to participate in the daily life of the city (through activities such as sport, art, crafts, food and wine).
  • To promote l’social innovationinvolving workers from anywhere in forms of active citizenship at the service of the community.

“The project – he says Michele Bugliesi, president of the Venice Foundation – it represents a platform of great potential as an instrument capable of promoting the development of the city along an innovative, qualifying and effective dimension both in terms of residentiality and in terms of the prospects of social and economic induced. A dimension to which our Foundation continues to contribute, which makes Venice capable of attracting people with high human capital, interpreters of new models of work and bearers of ideas and projects, to whom we can offer valuable jobs and welcome them as new residents of a lively, inclusive, contemporary city. “

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