Verstappen's retirement at the Melbourne GP: hydraulics problem?

The Melbourne GP was held a few days ago, in which Max Verstappen retired due to problems encountered with the brakes of the RB20. The problems are thought to be plumbing related

Great emotions in GP di Melbourne, where unfortunately we saw Max Verstappen withdraw from the race. The young driver had, due to greater forces, to withdraw from the Grand Championship in Melbourne, in Australia. So far the driver has shown impeccable maneuvers, despite the fact that in the last championships he had already encountered serious problems on the RB20, a single-seater for which the technical director Adrian Newey he had also worked to remedy all the problems associated with it, yet this was not enough. During the race, in fact, Verstappen unfortunately found himself from pole position to find yourself in a car fire. As we have already mentioned, there were already problems in the car related to the right rear brake and making him work too hard led to him burning out.

Verstappen's retirement at the Melbourne GP: hydraulics problem?Verstappen's retirement at the Melbourne GP: hydraulics problem?

Brake problems pushed Verstappen to withdraw from the Melbourne GP

Max Verstappen gave an interview to Sky, revealing that the right rear brake was always activated. The continuous work of the right rear brake obviously led to a overload of energy which led to the rear part of the car burning. The brake pads do not return perfectly to rest, while the caliper continues to apply pressure to press against the disc. It was inevitable that this would lead to an accident. Red Bull had also used the components Brembobut the most plausible clue as to how this accident could have occurred lies inright rear hydraulic system of the car, which transfers the pressure from the brake actuator to the caliper, pressing the pads against the disc. The investigations are still ongoing and confirmation is awaited, but for now this hypothesis seems to be the most plausible.

What do you think? Will Red Bull be able to solve these problems? It would be a great shame if Max Verstappen stopped his victory lap just now, even if this worked in Carlos Sainz's favor. Continue to follow us on techgameworld.com for other news from the world of Formula 1 and much more.