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Vertigo Games’ VR games come to PlayStation VR2

Vertigo Games today announced the arrival of some of its popular VR games on the new PlayStation VR2. Specifically we talk about After the Fall, Unplugged: Air Guitar and Hellsweeper VR. The first two are available for the new console today, while Hellsweeper VR will arrive later this year.

Let’s find out all the features of the games in question.

After The Fall

In After the Fall, players will be able to team up in co-op (up to a maximum of four players in cross-play) to take on a world filled with chilling zombies. The gameplay has been refined and improved to match the technical capabilities of PlayStation VR2. Players who already own the PS VR1 digital version of the game can upgrade to the PS5 digital version for free and get the exclusive PlayStation Road warrior skin, valid for both the regular and deluxe editions. Other new features include:

  • Field of view improved to 110°
  • Crisp 4K HDR graphics
  • A truly addictive gunplay (haptic feedback of headset and controls + adaptive triggers)
  • Multiplayer cross-platform completo

In addition, the Descension update will be released for all platforms at the same time as the launch of PS VR2. Finally, new Playstation Plus subscribers can purchase After the Fall: Complete Edition with a 15% launch discount to unlock the Playstation exclusive Skin Road Warrior!

Unplugged: Air Guitar

Unplugged: Air Guitar is the critically acclaimed VR guitar game and winner of the Quest VR Game of the Year 2021, produced by the lead guitarist of the popular Guitar Hero series. Featuring hit songs from rock legends like Weezer, The Offspring e Ozzy OsbourneUnplugged: Air Guitar invites all players to step straight into rock and roll history, with built-in VR support and global leaderboards to showcase your skills.

The game’s unmistakable guitar gameplay has been completely redesigned for the PlayStation VR2 Dual Sense controller with the aim of bringing the award-winning virtual guitar experience to the PlayStation VR audience, with over 55 songs and Steel Panther’s Satchel ready to help players players to reach the heights of fame! Unplugged: Air Guitar is available digitally today on PlayStation VR2.

I giochi Vertigo per PlayStation VR2: Hellsweeper: VR

From the creators of Sairento VR, Hellsweeper VR is a roguelike first-person combat game in which you assume the role of an immortal undead, tasked with entering hell with the sole mission of eliminating its evil souls. Combining intense movement, arcade-style action, and semi-realistic physics, Hellsweeper VR lets you unleash your power like never before.

Players will be able to whirl enemies into the air, cut them in half using psychic powers, use severed enemy limbs as clubs, and deliver vicious blows that reduce enemies to a bloody pile of ashes – no matter the playstyle, the destructive possibilities they are endless! The title is coming to PlayStation VR2 in the second quarter of 2023.

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