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Vespa, an Italian myth reconstructed in LEGO

After much anticipation and anticipation, the new beautiful LEGO Vespa 125 set. A project that celebrates one of the most famous symbols of Made in Italy in the world. For the occasion we were invited to find out everything about this project, starting for Pontederato rediscover the myth directly in the factories Piaggio. A unique experience that we have decided to tell you in detail.

Vespa, a myth between history and modernity

There is no doubt that the Vespa is aabsolute icon of Italian design and creativity. This two-wheeler, in its many different iterations, has become a symbol of our country, consolidated over time in its countless appearances in many different media, not least its representation in Luca by Pixar, released last year and now in the running for the Oscars for Best Animated Film.

Ma what is the history of Vespa? How is an icon of this importance born? To find out more we went to visit the Piaggio Museum in Pontedera, in the province of Pisa. Here you can admire a splendid collection of many vehicles that have made the company great, among its many different brands. From Moto Guzzi to Aprilia, passing through Ape and Gilera, one can reconstruct the history of the two-wheeled (and not only) Italian flag. An experience that allows you to admire iconic modelsboth for their collective and individual significance.

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For example, we will find the Ape exhibited, which was the protagonist of an edition of Fiore newsstandFiorello’s famous program, or a copy of the one donated in 2008 to President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano on the occasion of the sixty years of the Constitution of the Italian Republic, complete with the insignia of the Quirinale.

And as you can imagine, a lot of space is dedicated to the Vespa. The two-wheeler most loved by Italians is present in many different versions, from the very first models that launched its success to the most recent, passing through those made for special occasions. A gigantic exhibition, which allows you to reconstruct the evolution of design. Lines capable of changing yes, but always remaining faithful to themselves and their own iconicity. A concept that in Vespa and LEGO have in commonafter all.

But how is a Vespa born?

lego vespa presentation pontedera

For the presentation of the LEGO Vespa 125 set, we also had a unique opportunity: peek at the process that leads to the birth of one of these two wheels. We are indeed entered the Piaggio factory, to find out all about the steps that step by step, piece by piece build the legendary scooter. A 1: 1 scale version of what brick fans will do if you think about it.

And so we got to see what happens when the pieces arrive for the painting of the body. A process that combines automation and the human factor, exceptionally precise in its timing and organization. After a first phase of cleaning, inspection and finishing, the pieces proceed on the chain through different painting and drying phases, to obtain the best result. Attending the work of robotic arms that quickly spray the color on the bodies and then go back to cleaning the head and start again is undoubtedly hypnotic, but also a proof of the level at which the production processes have arrived.

lego vespa presentation pontedera

Once this stage is complete, then we move on to the actual assembly. Six production lines, dedicated to the main Vespa models made in this factory, to which others are added for more specific products occupy an endless structure. Here organization is undoubtedly the most important aspect. Manage the work of up to approximately 3,000 employees it requires exceptional precision, always being ready for the unexpected.

And therefore, station after station, the vehicles are formed more and more, until arriving at the final results. A thorough inspection makes sure it is up to Piaggio standards and then it can leave for dealers throughout Europe and America, covered by this very plant.

The meeting between two legendary realities

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And after the fascinating visit to the factory we reached the highlight of the day: the awaited revelation of the new LEGO Vespa 125 set. Guido Meda e Vera Spadini. Live on Facebook, they have traced the past few decades, pointing out the influence of Vespa and LEGO on society. A long story for both of them celebrating their 75 and 90 years respectively.

At the end of the presentation we were finally able to discover this new set. It is a fascinating reconstruction of the scooter that has marked our imagination, full of incredible details. The pastel blue hue takes us directly to the 60s, inextricably associated with this vehicle. Then there is the traditional two-tone wheelwhich debuts for the first time in LEGO history.

As always, there is no lack of touches that make a set truly special, which contribute in some way to telling a story. This Vespa is in fact embellished by the presence of a helmet which takes up the design of these devices in those years and a bouquet of flowers in the roof rack. Just look at it to feel transported in the affairs of someone who bring a gift to your loved one with the traditional independence associated with the brand.

In closing, another special surprise also arrived. Meda and Spadini have revealed a 1: 1 scale reproduction of the two-wheeler, created by the LEGO Certified Professional Riccardo Zangelmi. This model will be in Milan from February 25 to March 3 in a special Pop-Up Store in via Montenapoleoneto then leave for a tour throughout Italy.

Between Vespa and LEGO, an expected meeting

Marco LambriHead of Piaggio Group Design Center, commented on this project as follows:

“Collaborating with LEGO was an extraordinary experience because it brought two dreams, LEGO and Vespa together, sharing the infinite possibilities of expression that they can offer their fans. Two extraordinary brands capable of crossing different eras, always knowing how to reinvent themselves because in their DNA there is the ability to unite and build. As a designer, the challenge was to make the soft shapes of the Vespa coexist with those of the LEGO bricks, and it seems to me a challenge that was definitely won “.

lego vespa presentation pontedera

He joined in Marco CaponeGeneral Manager LEGO Italy, who said:

“2022 is a very important year for us at the LEGO Group: we have been working hard for 90 years to inspire the creativity and imagination of tomorrow’s builders around the world. Today, we present and celebrate an icon of style and design, born more than 70 years ago from what we could define the highest expression of creativity… the same one that is so dear to our hearts.

And that is why I am happy to renew and cement the collaboration with a partner of excellence such as Vespa with the launch of this set. We hope that more and more people will be able to give voice to their passions, follow their aspirations, to realize, brick by brick, projects that make more and more a difference “.

lego vespa presentation pontedera

Finally, he concludes Florian MullerSenior Designer of the LEGO Group:

“Working with the Piaggio team to create this two-wheeled masterpiece was an incredible experience! The design part of the set that impressed me most was the reproduction of the details of the original model, an opportunity to celebrate the classic 1960s Vespa. In the conception phase, this model took me back in time, inspiring my imagination and creativity. We hope the experience is the same for the fans! “.

The new set Vespa 125 will be available starting March 1st on the LEGO shop. And you, are you ready to whiz aboard this symbol of Made in Italy?

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