Nuova Vespa Color Vibe, arriva la serie speciale thumbnail

Vespa presents the Color Vibe special series

New Vespa Color Vibe, the thumbnail special series arrives

Vespa Color Vibe

An unprecedented tribute to the colorful and carefree world that has always characterized Vespa Piaggio, one of the most famous Italian icons in the world: here is the new Vespa Primavera Color Vibe special series, ready to amaze us. And until 30 April, with Vespa Days, there will be discounts and special conditions for customers on the entire Vespa range.

On models in the Vespa Primavera and Vespa Sprint range, and on the new Vespa GTS 300, registration is included in the price until 30 April. Plus, thanks to the formula DreamRide, becoming a vespista is even easier: DreamRide is a financial service specifically designed to facilitate the purchase of any Vespa model, through a wide range of customizable and flexible financing plans. The first novelty of the 2023 season is precisely the Vespa Primavera Color Vibe, a tribute to the colorful and carefree soul of the Vespa.

B vespa primavera color vibe orange 4Vespa Primavera Color Vibe, fonte Vespa

Vespa Primavera Color Vibe, how it’s made

The Vespa in question is characterized by a special two-tone livery: the shellavailable in Orange Color Vibe and White Color Vibe, it is in fact combined with an Teal colored footrest platforma shade of turquoise with a strong and decisive character. An original “spot” of contrasting color which, edged in black, runs diagonally across the entire body through dedicated graphics on the sides of the shield and on the sides.

In Teal the friezes of the typical “tie” on the shield and the wheel rims also stand out, made exclusively for this version in a particular glossy metallic finish. The equipment is completed by sporty black details. The new Vespa Primavera Color Vibe is available in 50, 125 and 150 cc versions – with the indication of the cylinder capacity that stands out in orange on the sides – starting from 4.099 Euro f.c.

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