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Vicini di Casa review: the Italian chamber comedy on the marital crisis

The review of Vicini di Casa, a made in Italy film available on Prime Video. Paolo Costella’s aphrodisiac and atypical comedy; focused on the staging of the marital crisis. A representation of rejection and sexual taboo together with lack of eroticism

ORIGINAL TITLE: Neighbors. TYPE: Comedy, romance. NATION: Italia. CREATOR: Paul Costella. CAST: Claudio Bisio, Vittoria Puccini, Valentina Lodovini, Vinicio Marchioni DURATION: 83 minutes. ITALIAN DISTRIBUTION: Medusa . STREAM OUTPUT: April 1, 2023.

In the colorful catalog of Prime Videoa romantic comedy entirely made in Italy stands out, Neighbors. A continuous game of looks and provocations of said and unsaid, through the cinematographic staging of a suffocated eroticism and sexuality experienced through the difficult marital relationship.

A closed circuit film with a deep theatrical matrix, based on the Spanish comedy Sentimental Of Cesc Gay. For the careful direction of Paul Costella; sees leading actors: Victoria Puccini, Claudio Bisio, Valentina Lodovini e Vinicio Marchioni. Here is our review for you.

Vicini di Casa review: the Italian chamber comedy on the marital crisis

Plot and Trailer | Neighbors Review

Vicini di Casa, follows the story of Giulio and Federica (Claudio Bisio and Vittoria Puccini); developing the whole story within the domestic walls of a Roman apartment, located in the center of the eternal city. A couple who have been married for many years, they don’t seem to be as involved and close-knit as they once were. They no longer talk or share anything, and when they do it’s just to bicker and argue.

In the condominium where they live lives a couple opposite from them; the fireman Salvatore and the psychologist Laura, known for frequent and noisy sex. Federica, moved by the curiosity to meet her new neighbors, invites them to dinner one evening. Giulio, an austere, rigid and traditionalist husband; he would like to reprimand them for the excessive volume of their embraces. What Giulio and Federica don’t know is that Salvatore and Laura would like them to participate in one of their regular practices: multi-body sex, in the form of exchanging partners. This is just the beginning of an evening full of great surprises. Available on Prime Video, here is the official trailer.

The Alternative Couples Therapy We Didn’t Expect | Neighbors Review

Forget cell phones abandoned in the dinner of Perfect strangers Of Paul Genoeseor the sensational gafs in Roman Polanski’s film, Carnage. Despite the profound similarities with these last two films; Neighbors of Paul Costella, is characterized by the nakedness without veils or taboos of sexuality and eroticism, lived through the events of two couples at the antipodes of each other. Set in the same unity of space and time; clichés and false appearances enter the scene from the first moments of the film; moving within the daily life of Giulio (Claudio Bisio) e Federica (Victoria Puccini). The false and cloying routine that distinguishes their quiet life is put to the test by the restless and bizarre arrival of Salvatore (Vinicio Marchioni) e Laura (Valentina Lodovini); putting the couple’s first internal differences in the spotlight.

Vicini di Casa review: the Italian chamber comedy on the marital crisis

The initial goal of a simple acquaintance dinner between the four, is gradually decomposed; bringing one into the spotlight choral and provocative staging. In it, everyone has the right to give shape and voice to their thoughts and desires hidden up to that moment. In fact, sex and the curiosity to broaden one’s views will be the main culprits of profound misunderstandings between Giulio and Federica; a couple that now seems dull and stranded in a sad phase of declining lust between the two. At the same time, it will be precisely the sexual matrix that will be a point of reflection and knowledge towards Salvo and Laura; alternative couple (and envied by Federica) for the deep understanding they share without fear of prejudice or false allusions.

The role played by theatmosphere and background music; a constant accompaniment that helps to instill the sensual charge and carnal desire, enclosing everything in the gestures and looks of the four protagonists. There regia same as Paul Costella, aided by scenography and interior setting of the film; they will make the spectators gods prying voyeurists on the scene; as witnesses constantly waiting for the final explosion.

Vicini di Casa review: the Italian chamber comedy on the marital crisis

A question of rhythm: the desire that struggles to explode | Neighbors Review

The whole game of Vicini di Casa is supported by the cast itself, starting with the figure played by Claudio Bisio (Giulio). Character who is firm and anchored to traditional principles; he uses irony as a weapon of defense and a protective shield towards what is defined as outside himself and his way of life. His being against certain arguments or proposals that are not suitable for a family like a white mill; it will act as a glue to create a strong complicity in the couple’s role play, sequence after sequence.

Vicini di Casa review: the Italian chamber comedy on the marital crisis

Unfortunately, despite all the initial intentionsit is easy to spot in the narrative moments of total absence of increasing climaxes; finishing the route a slow and firm rhythm in the succession of the events themselves. The dignified story and the nice moments of the drama comedy are often outclassed by the constant effort of the explosion of desire, leading to a tiring recovery and take-off of the emotional spontaneity released by the four figures. The result? A limbo clearly visible to the viewer highlighted by sudden abrupt silences and total detachment from the scene.

Vicini di Casa review: the Italian chamber comedy on the marital crisis


Vicini di Casa by Paolo Costella is an example of an all-Italian modern chamber comedy. Without ever exceeding the vulgarity or excess of situations; in just over 80 minutes it tries to guide towards a constant balance of staging, focusing all its potential on the intensity of feelings and emotions.

Vicini di Casa review: the Italian chamber comedy on the marital crisis

Like a large circle, the domestic walls open and close from inside to outside; studying their own prey protagonists, with the ultimate goal of strip them bare and make them as human as possible. There is no perfection so coveted. There is no such thing as excellence. There is only man, made of flesh, passions and pains; but above all he exists as a non-perfect human being, so, unique in its facets. In fact, all the embarrassments and misunderstandings brought to light keep faith with the central focus of couples: love and mutual respect. It is not vulgarity or excess that characterizes the comedy, but the end result of a common outburst on everything that seems unsaid.

Neighbors distributed by Medusa Movie; is available in streaming version on the platform Prime Video. To find out all the reviews and curiosities in the world of cinema and TV series, continue to follow us on!

Plus points

  • Remarkable cast and in tune
  • The care of the scenography and the direction
  • Theatrical matrix

Points against

  • Screenplay sometimes off
  • Fatigue in the final take-off
  • Final discharge of grit

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