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Takeshi’s Castle: the reboot of the unforgettable game play lands on Prime Video

After years of anticipation, Takeshi’s Castle is about to return to Prime Video. Let’s find out the trailer and the release date of this reboot

There are, in the history of television, programs that are impossible to forget, one of them is definitely Takeshi’s Castle; the Japanese game show that kept millions of Italians glued to television in the early 2000s. Now, after a very long wait, it seems that Prime Video intends to bring back the iconic program. Let’s find out all the details together.

Takeshi's Castle: the reboot of the unforgettable game play lands on Prime Video

The trailer and the release date of the new edition | Takeshi’s Castle: the reboot of the unforgettable game play lands on Prime Video

In March 2022, after years of clamoring for his return, the long-awaited news: a new edition of Takeshi’s Castle was on its way. Now finally, after more than a year, we know what the release date will be and we have the opportunity to see some small previews, given by trailer. It is not yet clear if the new episodes will show games and will follow a structure in all respects similar to the previous editions, but we can hope, given the scenes shown right in the trailer. In fact, the video shows a colorful game environment, where many players are intent on overcoming the various tests, which at first glance are very similar, if not identical to the original ones.

The new episodes will also see the return of Takeshi Kitano, creator of the game show. The director and actor is very famous in the Japanese scene. In addition to being the author of the first editions, Kitano is also physically present in the game, precisely in the role of the antagonist, Count Takeshi, whom the players must defeat by all means to achieve victory, equal to 1 million yen. The new episodes will be available on Prime Videofrom April 21st.

An unforgettable programme

There are many who remember with nostalgia the challenges that followed one after the other and which saw the 100 participants ready to get involved with ever more fun and varied endurance tests. At their side the General Tani, their ally and superintendent of each challenge, but also many other bizarre characters, who had the goal of annoying the players and making them lose. Competitors “surviving” all games had the opportunity to get to the final challenge, in the presence of Takeshi and his henchmen. The purpose? Conquer his castle to the sound of laser guns, on the backs of curious tanks.

Takeshi’s Castle, which in its home country of Japan, aired from May 1986 to April 1989, also achieved incredible success in Italy. This is also thanks to his funny and over the top tone. Broadcast on the channels Rete 7, K2, Boing e Cartoon Networkin our country the original title was not Takeshi’s Castle, but Never say Banzai and was commented by characters such as Lillo and Greg, Germana Pasquero, Marco Marzocca and Stefano Sarcinelli. We hope that the new episodes will revive this unforgettable program, exported to 150 countries. And you, are you among those who can’t wait to see this bizarre game show again?

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