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Victoria 3: the new title of Paradox Interactive is available

The new title created by the guys at Paradox Interactive, Victoria 3, is now available for gamers on PC

Victoria 3 is the new historical game of great strategy of the masters of the form of Paradox Interactive. Set in the dramatic 1836-1936 century, the title projects us how guiding spirit not only of a nation, but of a people, responding to its material and political needs as changes in technology, ideology and diplomacy transform the world. Every individual, from the humble servant to the mighty industrialist, will have a role to play in this great drama as we build factories, trade in valuable goods, reform our government, and defeat the hounds of war.

We found our empire in Victoria 3

The title looks like a huge simulation world where each of our goals will merge with the needs of our nation. In fact, every inhabitant will be simulated, be it a rich capitalist or a more modest peasant. Everyone will have their own personal beliefs, political preferences and a certain standard of living to be maintained.

This latter objective can be achieved implementing the economy of our country through the construction of new buildings and industries, exchanging surplus goods in the markets of the world and importing what is required of our people. Precisely in this respect, diplomacy will play a very important role. Avoiding the outbreak of wars and putting pressure with allies on our rivals will guarantee us a greater economic flourishing, saving us time and resources.

However some choices they might make to exacerbate relations with a specific political faction within our country. All of these choices to be made will take place on one interactive map which will see the growth of important railway junctions between thriving cities that until recently were anonymous villages. The gameplay will then guarantee a almost infinite replayability thanks to all the nations present in the title.

We remind you that Victoria 3 is available for PC at a recommended retail price of € 49.99. If you are looking for discounted titles, we recommend that you take a look at the Instant Gaming pages. In order not to miss further news relating to the videogame universe, continue to follow the pages of everything!

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