Video Game Lab: 4 development studios have created exclusive titles

Laboratorio di videogiochi: 4 studi di sviluppo hanno creato titoli esclusivi thumbnail

Video game laboratory is the new gaming experience for the console family Nintendo Switch which allows you to create and share your own video game. It is a simple and fun way to bring your imagination to life by creating a real video game. Four Italian development studios have tried their hand at creating as many video games for the Nintendo console, putting the videogame laboratory to the test. To participate in the initiative were Cordens Interactive, MixedBag, Tiny Bull Studios e Untold Games.

Italian developers create new titles with Videogame Lab

The games created by the four Italian studios are one horizontal scrolling shooter, a racing game con elementi platform, a’space adventure with a strong narrative imprint and a cooperative platform. The titles were created, respectively, by Cordens Interactive, MixedBag, Tiny Bull Studios e Untold Games taking advantage of the video game workshop. These are four completely different titles.

However, the projects have a central aspect in common. The four video games have, in fact, been developed thanks to the versatility of the Nintendo project which thus confirms its considerable potential. With the new experience proposed by the Japanese house, in fact, anyone is able to give life to their own design ideas.

The comment of the protagonists

Matteo Lana, CEO of Tiny Bull Studios, underlines: “it is a tool as powerful as it is fun, and we hope it gives some players the spark of the game designer!” Mauro Fanelli, CEO & Creative Director of MixedBag, adds: “Getting your hands on the Game Lab was a very interesting experience as a developer. We had some ideas for experimental Switch games that would take a long time to prototype, while with Video Game Lab we were able to implement and test some ideas very quickly ”

Tommaso Loiacono, Co-founder & Game Director of Cordens Interactive said: “Using touch controls to teach the basics of game programming is revolutionary in its own way. It is the first time that you can truly ‘touch’ the whole background of video game development ”. Egon Cavalli, Game Designer of Untold Games, he added: “’Fantasy’ and ‘sharing’ are the necessary ingredients to fully experience the videogame laboratory experience”.

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