ZEISS tips for reducing the negative effects of blue light

I consigli di ZEISS per ridurre gli effetti negativi della luce blu thumbnail

Betweenspend a lot of time on the PC exposes our eyes to a great deal of blue light artificial that can cause sleep disturbances and other pathologies. ZEISS Vision Care has collected some tips that users can take on a daily basis to reduce these problems. In fact, with a little attention, it will be possible to reduce the effects of blue light.

ZEISS tips for protecting eyesight against the effects of blue light

According to ZEISS it is important take small visual breaks from your office PC. It should also be noted that regular spending time outdoors is essential for eye health. To avoid eye problems, moreover, it is necessary focus on a balanced dieta, with the right amount of calcium, vitamins and minerals.

To counteract blue light and its effects on eye strain, ZEISS Vision Care recently launched a new solution. It is about ZEISS Blue Guard, a new generation of ophthalmic lenses that block harmful blue light.

Unlike normal external treatments, the ZEISS Blue Guard integrate the reflective property within the material. Note that for a better vision it is necessary to undergo a completed view checkup. The best time is back from vacation. Note that ZEISS also offers a visual checkup online.

The expert’s comment

The Dr. Franco Spedale, Director of the Departmental Ophthalmology Operational Unit of the Chiari ASST Franciacorta Hospital, points out: “When you spend a lot of time in front of the computer, it is important to be alert to any annoyances, such as dry eyes, which can be counteracted by moisturizing the eyes adequately with hyaluronic acid to help reduce the typical ailment that occurs and is similar to the sensation of having a foreign body, but which sometimes reaches the point of burning and tearing “

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