Laboratorio di videogiochi: il gioco Nintendo che insegna a programmare thumbnail

Video game workshop: the Nintendo game that teaches programming

Today’s children are growing up accompanied by the daily technology: this allows them to be very familiar and familiar with the devices they are constantly surrounded by. Not always, however, there is awareness about what is behind the functioning of these tools. Yet, the programming is an activity capable of stimulate e To make grow the mind of the little ones in a portentous way, thanks to the use of logic and of a typology of thought that presupposes the ability to put in order the correct mental processes to arrive at the solution of a problem. Nintendo with his Video game laboratory, has created a gaming experience that allows you to learn, in an interactive way, the programming of a video game.

Video game laboratory: the video game that teaches programming

All this through guided lessons designed to be fun and stimulating, as well as to adapt to any level of experience. Precisely for this reason and thanks to its great educational potential, Video game laboratory was used this year as part of children’s entertainment activities during the Bulgorello Summer Camp, a locality close to Lake Como.

A successful experiment that has seen well 34 boys, divided into 3 weeks of camp, have fun and learn with Videogame workshop for Nintendo Switch. Guided by the game’s lessons and an expert science communicator, the coder apprentices had the opportunity to discover the basics of programming step by step, in a pleasant and intuitive way.

Nintendo video game workshop

Working together, in groups of two or three, the children created a series of video games which they then shared with the other participants, with truly surprising results. The business left excited not only the little ones, who have been able to learn through a tool, that of the console, which they usually use for their moments of play and leisure, but also those who have found themselves teaching with an unusual device, but really effective.

Video game laboratory is the ultimate gaming experience for Nintendo Switch console family which allows anyone to create and share their video games in an easy and accessible way. In fact, this video game allows young and old to realize their game design ideas thanks to entertaining guided lessons that teach the basics of visual programming using mysterious creatures called Nodons.

With the Free Programming mode, players can put into practice everything they have learned in the guided lessons and create original video games to play alone or with friends. It is possible to start from scratch or experiment with one of the creations made in the guided lessons by adding a personal touch through the editing tools and adding drawings and music: the possibilities are endless.

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