Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy, according to a rumor, Nintendo will publish it

The adult twist of the Big N is at the heart of the rumor that Nintendo itself will be releasing Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy on Switch

With the now imminent launch of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy, the debut of the series on Nintendo Switch he is finding himself at the center of an intriguing one rumor. We know how much space the game requires on the hybrid platform of the Big N, but apparently the Kyoto giant could have even more confidence in the quality of the remaster than it already seemed. The release in physical format, expected later, according to a rumor could be managed by the Japanese giant itself in view of the arrival of the franchise after years of waiting and exclusivity on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy and Nintendo, so much “rumor” about nothing?

If the rumor proves true, therefore, it would be none other than Nintendo itself to publish Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy on Switch. As paradoxical as it sounds, let’s not forget that the very foundation of GTA III resides in Body Harvest for the Nintendo 64, published by DMA Design in the pre-Rockstar period. The Big N is also no stranger to the role of godmother for a franchise dedicated to an adult audience, given what happened for Bayonetta. Finally, the role of publisher also has precedents, as the Kyoto giant has already released third-party titles such as Dark Souls and DOOM (2016).

According to DirectFeedGames, as you can see in the tweet above, it is “confirmed” that the physical version of the game will be handled by Nintendo. Neither the latter nor Rockstar have yet echoed, so for now we can’t say too much. There have been doubts about the possibility of a physical edition worthy of the name, given the 25,4 GB requested, but if the Japanese company will take care of everything, the price of the 32 GB game cards will hardly prove problematic. The digital output is provided forNovember 11th, while the physical format will come on December 7.

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