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Video games increase problem solving skills and creativity

Video games are an increasingly popular form of entertainment and with the development of new virtual environments such as the metaverse, the dynamics of the gaming world are set to have an even wider impact. To take stock of an investigation by Preply with one study on the impact of video games. The objective of the investigation is to investigate both the perception of the effects on adults and children and the use of language in game environments.

According to Preply, video games increase problem solving skills and creativity

Video Game Discrimination

The research involved 1.400 gamer of different nationalities and emphasizes thepositive effect of video gamesi about the abilities of problem solving.However, at the same time, it also highlights the very bad influence they have on sleep.

Looking at children, parents believe that playing video games has a beneficial impact on creativity e social skills, while sleep is confirmed as one of the most sacrificed aspects. The study also compares skills e knowledge developed by the interviewees in relation to the videogame medium, some of which are also important in everyday life.

Among them we find the problem solvingthe mental healththe decision-making abilitythe hand-eye coordination e communication skills. Plus online play helps to build e strengthen friendships between different people and allows players to get closer to foreign languages.

The impact on children and adolescents

Preply’s investigation also highlights the impact exercised by video games about children and adolescents. According to parents, minors under 18 can be positively influenced by video gamesin particular in the following aspects:

  • Creativity;
  • Skills;
  • Social life;
  • Problem solving;
  • Logic;
  • Physical health.

However, the research also found gods risks and gods downsidesin particular related to the exposure of gamers a bullying and other types of emotional abuse. From the research of Preply it emerges that beyond the 90% of the respondents suffered or witnessed emotional abuse while playing video games and nearly 7 out of 10 have taken it into consideration the idea of ​​quitting for this reason.

More gamers have lived episodes of racism and more than 1 in 3 attended hate speech on gaming platforms, For others, harassment is also personal: most verbal attacks are targeted the gender identity of the victims, ethnicity e physical aspect.

In addition to bullying, 20% of people surveyed admit to having suffered doxxingor the practice of publicly disseminating sensitive information.

Despite the various risks and downsides that the gaming world has, the interviewed community seems to be prepared. Approximately 57% say they block bullies while the 49% reported. As for children, the 90% of parents say they are concerned with the safety of their children while they play e 89% use parental control systems.

To read the complete survey you can consult the official site.

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