WhatsApp informerà gli utenti in merito alle novità dell'app thumbnail

WhatsApp will send messages to users about what’s new in the app

WhatsApp will inform users about what's new in the thumbnail app

WhatsApp prepares to introduce a novity dedicated to the new functions introduced by the developers within the app. In the future, in fact, it will not be necessary to consult the WhatsApp website or the various sector publications to find out the details of the latest update of the messaging app. It will be the application itself to inform users regarding the availability of a new update and related news. Here are all the details:

WhatsApp will inform users about the news included in the app

The new update is still in beta phase but in the future it will become part of the stable version of the app. WhatsApp will send the user messages to inform them about the new features included in the messaging application. This is a system already adopted by Telegram (the app from which WhatsApp often draws inspiration).

The app will start a real chat with the user, complete with crittografia end to end, to inform you about the new features added. The system aims to make the various features more accessible by informing the user about what are the news just arrived in the app. WhatsApp should also send tips and tricks to make the most of the application.

The news, after the usual beta period, should be introduced over the next few weeks. We will know more, of course, in the near future. WhatsApp has a large number of updates in the pipeline for the foreseeable future. The new mechanism will allow users to be able to follow the evolution of the app in detail.

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