Vinchin Backup & Recovery v7.0: What’s New?

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Let’s discover together, in this dedicated article, the brand new and numerous features of Vinchin Backup & Recovery

The new and long-awaited release 7.0 of Vinchin Backup & Recovery is coming! Several new features are on the way, including NAS backup, physical server backup for Linux and Windows servers, VMware backup verification, MariaDB and more advanced Hyper-V protection. Here’s a quick overview of the new features in the version 7.0.

Verify VMware backup

Automatic verification of backups in an isolated virtual lab is now supported for VMware users. VMware administrators can ensure that backups are valid and well prepared for disaster recovery, which is one of the key factors in successful data recovery.
The integrity and accuracy of data saved in the past in the backup solution can only be a risk. Occasionally, incomplete or invalid data is transferred to backup software and threatens business continuity once an outage occurs.

With VMware data verification of Vinchin Backup & Recovery v7.0, it is now possible to run a fully automated validation test in the lab at specified intervals with the same configuration as the primary site, but without any effect on the production environment. Backup verification is designed to ensure the availability of backup data and ensure that organizations are adequately prepared to recover backups from any data loss event.

NAS Backup

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is one of the most versatile storage mediums to keep various data like images, files, videos, etc. for many businesses across all industries due to its flexibility and scalability. Backup can save your lost data. By saving another copy of your data to your NAS device, you can restore it seamlessly with minimal impact on your business reputation and finances. Vinchin Backup & Recovery 7.0 not only supports NAS backup but also does it well.

It helps you set up a NAS backup plan complete and efficient with high-performance massive file backup, flexible job scheduling and data compression function to save space. You can also make full use of the backup copy function to create additional NAS backup copies on secondary or offsite storage to better prepare for emergencies.

Backup dei server Linux e Windows

In addition to backing up virtual machines, NAS, and databases, backing up physical servers is also important. Our new release now extends to the backup of physical servers running mission-critical applications.
Vinchin Backup & Recovery 7.0 performs application aware backup to protect Windows and Linux servers reliably and efficiently. As easy as backing up your virtual machinesHowever, you can customize your backup plan with a variety of features through simple configurations in a single web-based console.

With data security in mind, Vinchin protects your vital data with assured security mechanisms. Data encryption encrypts them with the encryption standard AES-256 and whenever a restore is requested, the password verification to unlock backups; meanwhile, encrypted transmission also protects your data by encrypting the transfer path with SSL encryption technology throughout the entire process. Currently, there are still many companies tend to use physical servers to share files, save costs, or locally installed applications; now you can resort to Vinchin Backup & Server 7.0 in these cases.

More advanced Hyper-V protection

Among the most popular choices in the world, Microsoft Hyper-V is famous for its performance, security, redundancy and cost. Backing up this platform is essential. Vinchin Backup & Recovery 7.0 adds more advanced functions to Hyper-V this time, including incremental backup forever, multi-threaded transmission, advanced configurations for recovering virtual machines and data archiving in public clouds. Incremental Backup Forever retains only the increments after an initial full backup without performing regular full backups to save storage space, time, and consume little bandwidth.

The transmission multi-thread allows multiple threads to run simultaneously for a single task, thereby significantly speeding up the process. Advanced configurations let you reassign resources of virtual machines waiting to be restored, including virtual machine name, CPU, RAM, and more for individual virtual machines. Public cloud data archiving for long-term data retention and regulatory compliance with new feature Hyper-V di Vinchin Backup & Recovery 7.0.

MariaDB database protection

Finally! One of the most popular database servers globally, MariaDB is now supported by Vinchin Backup & Recovery 7.0 with comprehensive backup strategies and security measures.
Version 7.0 offers automatic backup and restore with self-defined schedule and different types of database backups for MariaDB in both physical servers and virtual machines.

Furthermore, you can easily restore MariaDB database backups to arbitrary destinations, such as the original database or a new one. Similarly, database control is also done from the web-based console. Rest assured that all backups saved in the Vinchin server will be safe and sound, even in the event of a ransomware attack or primary site failure – there is always a way (Backup Storage Protection and more) to ensure data security.

Bonus extra

Vinchin Backup & Recovery 7.0 also offers a more intuitive and dynamic data visualization interface, with statistics attached to daily operations for easier and more advanced data management. You can project the interface onto a large screen for a meeting or continuous data monitoring. The data visualization feature is designed for data-driven business decision-making from a broader perspective.

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