Virgin Fiber: costs, coverage and official presentation

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The world of connection in our country welcomes a new operator. We are talking about Virgin, a well-known company involved in many different sectors, from airlines to music to fitness. And now, also the Italian Internet connections. So let’s find out everything about the proposed Virgin Fibra and what it will offer to the tricolor users.

Virgin Fiber, all you need to know about the new operator told by Richard Branson

“Enough with ‘this copper cable”. This is the writing, in full Virgin style, which opens the presentation of this new project. In front of it, sitting cross-legged on the podium, there is really him, Richard Branson, entrepreneur and founder of the whole group. To accompany him in the presentation there are Tom MockridgeCEO of Virgin Fiber, e Giulia Salvifamous speaker of Virgin Radio.

The decision to invest in the Italian market stems from a particularly propitious moment. In fact, our country is setting in motion an expected technological transformation that will lead to abandon connections based on copper cablesin favor of a pure fiber. And it is precisely on this type of service that the new company wants to position itself.

The reasons are many: from an ever greater need for Internet connections stable and fast – especially after the pandemic – to the possibility of bringing the spirit of Virgin to this sector. In fact, the idea is to offer a effective servicebut at the same time simple and transparent, without too many complications for the user and a particularly advantageous price.

The ideal in the coming months is of course to be able to welcome as many customers as possible in Virgin Fiber. It will be a path that will take some time, also because – according to Branson – for many Internet users at the moment there is the obstacle of some contractual conditions that keep them tied to their current operator. A move that this new company has admittedly chose to avoid.

Virgin Fiber: costs, availability and conditions

In fact, one of the first aspects that Mockridge and Branson wanted to make clear is the fact that the subscription will follow a absolutely flexible model. The costs at the entrance of Virgin Fiber are very low (specifically we are talking about an activation fee of € 19.99) e there are no penalties for abandonment or minimum time windows.

So you can unsubscribe at any time and in total freedom. And just as quick to erase, it’s also super easy to activate: “It literally takes five minutes,” said Richard Branson. Transparency also emerges in other factors, starting with the total absence of hidden fees, including those relating to modem which is included in the subscription.

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So what are the costs of Virgin Fiber? In addition to the € 19.99 provided for the activation that we mentioned above, the fee is set at € 29.49 per month, a price rather in line with the cheapest offers on the market. Furthermore, for those who subscribe by October 31st there is an additional discount, a sort of early bird offer that sets the cost at € 26.99 per month.

With the latter they are also included three months free of Active Revolution, the online training service of the gyms of the Virgin group. A first glimpse of what could be the future integration of the various services of the Branson company, which could constitute a further plus for subscribers.

A new player on the market to keep an eye on

In short, on paper the proposal of Virgin Fibra it’s definitely interesting. The price is affordable and the promise is that of a fast and solid connection, accompanied by the contractual flexibility that is always convenient to have. It will be interesting see the impact in the coming months that this new entry will have on the market.

What do you think of it? Are you curious to know more about this new offer for web connections in our country? So we invite you to continue following us or visit the official website of Virgin Fibra!