Gli assistenti virtuali rivoluzioneranno il business, ecco come thumbnail

Virtual assistants will revolutionize business, here’s how

Virtual assistants will revolutionize business, here's how thumbnail

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In the next future, virtual assistants will always become more frequent. According to an analysis by Statistia, in fact, by 2023 a quota of about 8.4 billion units of virtual assistants will be reached, which, therefore, will exceed the number of human beings. Manhattan Associates highlights how i improvements in speech recognition and language understanding technology have increased the effectiveness and diffusion of vocal applications. These improvements, therefore, will further drive growth.

The potential of virtual assistants in business applications

The development of the technologies underlying voice assistants could revolutionize the way of doing business, in various sectors. Employees will be able to free their hands and eyes with voice-guided workflows and with un improving the efficiency of picking and packaging. The combination of speech integration and Warehouse Management for Open Systems (WMOS) from Manhattan can guarantee significant benefits.

According to estimates, in fact, it will be possible to record a:

  • Productivity increase up to + 30%
  • Correction of up to 80% of picking errors
  • Order accuracy rates of 99.99%
  • Reduction of staff stress rate by up to 30%
  • Up to 20% improvement in worker safety
  • Significantly reduced training times, up to 85% in some cases

Also in the retail voice assistants can become a reference. The case of Wal-Mart is an example. The chain has brought to its store the Ask Sam voice application, a voice driven tool for employees that facilitates employee work.

The challenges of the future

The use of speech technologies opens up new challenges. For example, we must consider the “data ownership“In addition to the issue related to commissions in the case of using a native payment system, such as Amazon Pay or Google Pay. The factor must also be evaluated competition, especially with companies like Amazon that aim to become the place to buy anything and is a leader in the voice assistants sector. In the future, any organization could become a competitor to Amazon.

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